Emailing for cafes and restaurants

Properly managed emailing to customers of cafes and restaurants boosts sales and attracts new guests, for these reasons this tool should be in a toolbox of every marketing manager.

Advantages of emailing for a restaurant

  • Easy to set up. Any company manager can launch emailing.
  • Automatization. The system “remembers” all occasions, whether it’s a customer’s birthday or promotion. In the former case, an email will be sent automatically, in the latter - on the pre-scheduled day and time.
  • Speed. Just within a few minutes hundreds of emails are sent out.
  • Boosting customers’ loyalty. Guests are pleased when a restaurant or cafe remembers them, gives discounts and shares news.
  • Customer holdover effect. Exclusive offers can hold one’s interest to a venue.

Occasions to inform restaurant’s customers via email

Devino Telecom experts recommend to set up emailing for the following tasks:

  1. Confirmation of a successful table reservation. In case of reservation cancellation - respective notification.
  2. Discounts and promotions. Email, which format provides for using media content - is a real find for a marketing manager. It allows presenting a product or offer at its best, vividly demonstrating it from all sides.
  3. Contests and quizzes. People enjoy playing regardless of age. Cater to this by offering to participate in an all-prize lottery at your web-site or take part in a contest for the best picture taken in your restaurant. Dinner for two is a perfect gift for the winner. According to statistics, more than half of users open emails with such announcements, out of which at least 5% click the link.
  4. Holiday greetings. Send congratulations to your guests on state and personal holidays. It feels nice for people, and for you, it’s one more occasion to remind about yourself.
  5. Company news. Tell your guests about significant events (an anniversary, a new restaurant’s opening) and invite them to celebrate together.
  6. Chain expansion. Opening of new chain restaurants in the city is a very important occasion for emailing cafe’s customers. Do not forget to include the address, opening hours and directions.
  7. Novelties in the menu. Good pictures of meals warm up the appetite and motivate one to visit a restaurant. A plus will be a picture of a Chef and an interview with him, as well as a video of cooking the meal.
  8. Changes in pricing. If prices have gone down or up, do inform your guests, but do it along positive lines.
  9. Changes in the opening hours. Timely notify your customers if the venue starts to close earlier, otherwise, they will be unpleasantly surprised. News that you are open 24 hours now could boost a number of night-bird guests, so do not fail to create emailing for cafe’s customers.

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