How to make an email newsletter

E-mailing is an effective way to tell clients about promotions and lucrative offers. On the basis of Devino Telecom, a high-tech platform has been created, which greatly simplifies the process of preparing and sending newsletters.

Newsletters topics

Thanks to the wide functionality of the platform, you can make email sending really useful for the client. The service provides timely information to clients on a variety of topics:

  • Bonus program. Nowadays, almost every company refers to the loyalty program to attract and retain clients. Numerous marketing studies have shown that people are much more willing to buy in the same company, if it offers a real opportunity to save on future orders by means of accumulation of bonus points.
  • New sales promotions. Messages saying that goods of a certain category are delivered free of charge or accompanied by a gift within a week cause a stir among buyers. This should be used if you do not know how to make sending mails motivating to perform specific actions.
  • Discounts. The favorable price of one or several goods stimulates consumers to make the order. You can increase the impact on the client by attaching colorful illustrations to the text: clear and bright photos often become a decisive factor for those who doubt.
  • Receipt of new goods and expansion of the range of services. Distribution is a universal way to tell about updating the assortment of the store. As in the situation with discounts, we recommend to add visual materials to the message.

You don't know how to make an email newsletter? Write to us and we'll show you!

Advantages of Devino Telecom platform for e-mail distribution

The service has a number of important qualities that guarantee the reliability and high efficiency of distribution.

  • Integration with external business automation systems using a simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP). You need to know how to create an email newsletter with integration with your own systems? Contact our experts and they will provide you with a detailed algorithm.
  • Platform fault tolerance and high data transmission rate, -all that significantly reduces the time required to send emails.
  • Delivery of each letter. All messages reach their destinations.
  • Low cost of per each letter. For the customer, mailing is one of the most inexpensive advertising tools.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  1. Information distribution is much faster than trying to communicate with customers manually.
  2. The service allows you to share not only text messages, but also media files: photos, videos.
  3. Service statistics with maximum accuracy displays the behavior of the recipient, showing whether the letter was read, and what actions the user took.
  4. You set up your own email newsletter, focusing on the information that is fundamentally important for a particular advertising campaign.
  5. Personal account interface is simple and user-friendly.
  6. If you have any questions related to how to organize e-mail newsletters, our experts are ready to answer them 24/7.

The range of services delivered by Devino Telecom

Our company knows not only how to send emails correctly, but also what you will need in the process. We are talking about a range of related services that are required for any business:

  • Pre-moderation. Checking e-mail newsletters for compliance with the rules of the mail service is automatic.
  • Consulting. We are ready to analyze and provide the most relevant information to create effective notification of your customers about the company's promotions and news. How to organize a turnkey email newsletter? With the help of Devino Telecom.
  • Technical support. Even the most difficult situations are quickly solved by our specialists. We find out why the newsletter was rejected, marked as spam or works intermittently.
  • Legal support. Not everyone knows that violation of the law "On advertising" threatens with user complaints and penalties. The amount of the fine may vary from 100 to 500 thousand rubles. The law "On personal data" is also highlighted. Devino Telecom lawyers are familiar with all the subtleties of email marketing, so you can be sure of the correctness of the organization of the mailing.

By starting cooperation with Devino Telecom, you will get access to your personal account and try out the full functionality of the platform.

Interesting facts about email newsletter

Knowing some facts about email marketing, you can easily find the answer to the question about how to make email distribution effective.

  • Half of the messages are opened by recipients on mobile devices. This means that the design of the letter should be adaptive.
  • Division of text into paragraphs has a positive effect on its perception. A rare person would read text without indentation to the end.
  • Personalization of mailing increases conversion by at least 10%.
  • The welcome letter you send to a new client is of great importance. According to the latest data, every second person reads it. The first email sets the tone for subsequent emails.
  • Some phones (e.g., iPhone) cut the subject of the message. Try to interest the client with a short and bright title.
  • The audience over the age of eighteen checks their email in the morning. Morning newsletters will surely show excellent results.
  • Customized newsletters bring more profit, so we recommend to segment the audience by gender, age and city of residence.
  • Excessive letters are the main reason for refusal to send. Remember that quantity is not equal to quality. Bet on unique content, but not on the frequency of sending messages.
  • The human brain is thousands of times more responsive to images than to text. Make sure that the newsletter has been carefully designed. Beautiful photos will make the client acquainted with your offer.
  • Presence of video in a newsletter greatly increases the conversion.
  • 46 pixels is the average area of a fingertip. Take this fact into account when creating action buttons in the email.
  • The words of greeting ("Hello", "How are you" and others) at the beginning of a letter positively affect the client's loyalty to the brand. Friendly manner of communication is the key to success.

Devino Telecom: we understand how to create an email newsletter!