Bulk SMS mailing

In the arsenal of marketing tools, the SMS bulk mailing service has a special place: it allows to quickly conveying advertising and service information to customers.

You can send SMS in bulk both on your own client base and on the base of mobile communication operators (“mobile advertising” service). In the first case, the goal is to increase brand loyalty and stimulate sales, in the second - to attract new customers.

Service messages are needed to notify about banking operations and order status notifications. The price of such SMS is much lower, and the template is practically unchanged.

Pros of bulk sms mailing

  • Ability to send on the official behalf of the company. Such messages cause recipients more confidence.
  • Automatic sending. This option allows to scheduling mailing for a specific day and time, which is especially convenient if subscribers are in other time zones. The number of pending mailings is not limited.
  • Personalization. Despite the simultaneous sending of hundreds and thousands of messages, in the SMS bulk mailing settings you can choose to contact the recipient by name.
  • Wide geography. Messages are sent to subscribers of any mobile operators in all countries of the world.

Reasons to send sms messages

Devino Telecom experts shared ideas on information lines and gave examples of messages.

  1. Discounts and promotions. Make advantageous offers to customers, and be sure to add a promotional code to SMS - thanks to it, tracking the effectiveness of an advertising campaign will be easier. Example: “Anastasia, before 21.10 all dresses with a 20% discount on the vestido promo code, hurry up!”
  2. Congratulations on the holidays. This is a good reason to remind yourself and at the same time please the subscriber. Example: “Victor, happy birthday!” We give a 40% discount for a month, just show it at the box office! ”
  3. Invitation to events. The opening of a new branch is an excellent occasion for mailing. Example: “Evgenya, December 1, on the street. Lenin 1 opens a new ToBeCool store. A win-win lottery for all guests, we are waiting for you! ”

Reasons to choose Devino.Online

  • We are always ready to give tips on how to make bulk SMS messaging more efficient.
  • The interface of your personal account is convenient and understandable even to those who have never worked with mailings.
  • Balance replenishment without commissions and additional payments.
  • One hundred percent confidentiality. All information and contacts of subscribers are reliably protected by our system.
  • A quick and easy process for concluding a contract. At the same time, you can start the first mass SMS distribution even before we receive the original documents.
  • Detailed statistics. In the personal account of Devino.Online, the number of sent, delivered and open messages is displayed, you can also see click links from SMS.