Fitness Club SMS Marketing

Customer Retention Marketing vs. Customer Acquisition Marketing Most marketers are betting on keeping existing customers. The key here is to offer a high-quality service that can increase customer loyalty and secure from switching them to a rival supplier. This golden rule works everywhere, and the fitness industry is not an exception.

No doubt, among the effective tools that serve for improving service and keeping customer interest remains fitness club SMS notification.

When does fitness club service sms work?

Here are the most common triggers to use service mailings:

  • To remind on a work out
  • To change schedule or address
  • To inform on new services
  • To open a new branch

Or personalized and promotional mailings:

  • To congratulate personally on the holiday (New Year, birthday, March 8, February 23).
  • To inform on special promotions for club card holders.
  • With an option for the client to use promotional codes or get a bonus from the fitness club.

Moreover, by classifying the traffic into service and advertising will drastically budget your mailing.

A Step-by-Step Guide for Fitness Club Sms Marketing Campaign

Feedback check

Devino Telecom experts recommend to test it among a specific group of selected customers before launching a large-scale mailing. Create at least three options for your message and keep track which of them causes the greatest interest of the audience.

Example: A monthly fitness club "XXX" membership costs 6000 rubles, a three months - 14000 rubles. You target to launch a promotion and sell club cards for three months for 11,000 rubles. A fitness club sms marketing might look like this:

  • Fitness in the club "XXX" at competitive prices. One month for free! Call us! 6453782111
  • Unparalleled offer in the fitness club "XXX". Hurry up to get a 30% discount! 6453782111
  • 3000 rubles for fitness as a gift. Only until хх.хх in the club "XXX". Call now! 6453782111

A test sms marketing for a fitness club will show which message causes a response from customers. Sometimes it is a free month offer that works, sometimes an impressive discount has an effect. Upon analyzing the effect of the test mailing, feel free to send SMS across the entire customer base.

Mass mailing on the promotion start notification

At this step, SMS is sent to all club members, but make sure that all audience spectum (active, potential, “sleeping” clients) receives different offers.


  • Existing customers can enjoy advantage of an individual discount.
  • "Sleeping" customers are invited to visit the fitness club for half the price, but upon certain terms of promotion: for example, to bring a friend.
  • To attract attention of potential customers, you may use the offer option of free work out with a personal trainer.

Notification on the promotion soon end

That kind of messages is sent to those who responded to previous SMS, but for some reason postponed the membership purchase. Usually mailing is carried out a few days before the promotion end.


  • A Huge discount for fitness in the club "XXX" only until хх.хх. Call today! 6453782111
  • Fitness club "XXX»: Offer is valid for two more days. Hurry up to purchase one of 10 cards! 6453782111

Devino Telecom team highlight that fitness club service sms is a solid but not the only advertising tool. To maximize results you should add to sms notifications, fitness clubs e-mailing and calling the customer base. Targeted mailing via Viber and in social networks also serves to motivate people to make a purchase and attracts new customers to your company.

Devino Telecom: we know how to organize a competent and effective sms marketing for your fitness club!