How to make sms bulk?

To send SMS, you can use the "Personal Account" in this Web resource. To do this, you need to download the clients database, create message templates, schedule the time of sending and launch the service. Since Devino Telecom's multi-functional technology platform is able to integrate with external automated business management systems, it will be easy for you to work with it. Informing clients via SMS is an inexpensive and quite effective advertising tool. Statistics show that the vast majority of people read the message within five seconds after its appearance. Therefore, sending SMS is considered the fastest way to inform. With the help of the newsletters distribution organized in our service you will be able to inform your clients about:

  • planned promotional campaigns,
  • current discounts,
  • receipt or transfer of funds (relevant for banking institutions),
  • terms of a car delivery and the cost of the trip (relevant for taxi services), etc.

Today, vast majority of companies, which have different types of activity, implement sms-distribution. Combining of the coverage areas of the networks of all mobile operators determined the relevance of this method of informing the public. Devino Telecom offers to use the created platform for this purpose, which is characterized by high speed of operation and fault tolerance. We guarantee reliability of the service, so all messages sent by you will get to the addressees in a timely manner.


As soon as you become a user of our service, your "Personal Account" has tools for organizing SMS-distribution.

Possibility of creating templates:

  • you can make several templates with different informative content;
  • for each template, you can dynamically select a sender's name;
  • you can make changes to the templates as needed at any time.

Devino Telecom managers and consultants will help you to make a newsletters distribution, in case you encounter any difficulties. Our customer service is available 24 hours a day, so you don't have to wait long for a response. You do not need to deal with the intricacies of creating a distribution list: call to: +7 495 646 00 54, and you will get answers to all your questions. With the help of newsletters you will be able to attract clients and interest your target audience. This method of informing with its proper organization and competent preparation of text messages is always effective. Choose SMS distribution if you are interested to establish a high-quality communication system to deliver information to the target audience!


SMS-distribution is an opportunity to inform the client about the planned event or a campaign as soon as possible. The exact statistics show that 97.5% of cell phone owners read incoming messages within five seconds after they appear. Given that today almost all adults have mobile gadgets, it is easy to assess the level of effectiveness of SMS distribution use. Banks and payment systems use SMS distribution not only as a tool to inform clients. They included messages distribution in the security system and widely use it in the organization of Internet banking, and when setting up terminals and ATMs.

Customers of Devino Telecom often use SMS distribution to be able to recover the user's password to log in to various web sites. It is noted that the availability of such services increases visiting of Web resources by 25%. As you can see, messages distribution can be used in many ways that allow you to improve your business and successfully develop it.