Memo of SMS-marketer

Especially for managers and specialists in mobile marketing, we have prepared a memo on preparation and sending of SMS to their clients.

  1. You make SMS distribution on your own database of clients and you have the consent of clients to receive SMS newsletters.
  2. You have segmented the database and each SMS meets the expectations of the target audience, and trade offers are relevant.
  3. An SMS text contains up-to-date and reliable information: duration of sales promotion, place, contacts, etc.
  4. Your SMS does not violate the law "On advertising". You do not advertise prohibited goods or services, such as tobacco, alcohol or medicines.
  5. If your neighbour reads the message, she will correctly understand its meaning.
  6. SMS text is in Cyrillic, the message has no spelling, stylistic or punctuation errors.
  7. You have planned SMS distribution taking into account time zones of your clients. You can be sure that no one will get your message at 6am on Sunday.
  8. You've made a test distribution and checked again.

We also recommend to personalize the offers for clients as much as possible, at least - contact them by using their name. Mentioning the client's name at the beginning of the message increases the share of reading the message by 15%, and the level of response to it.