Organization of SMS mailing

SMS is one of the most powerful marketing tools, but only on condition that it is used correctly. Devino Telecom specialists have prepared a number of recommendations on how to make the mailing truly effective.

How to make mailing readable

There are several secrets that can significantly increase the conversion of SMS messages.

  • Personalization. Call a person by name. In this case, he/she probably wants to get acquainted with your proposal.
  • The correct presentation of the idea. Due to the fact that the number of characters in SMS is very limited, it is necessary to explain what you want from the subscriber as concisely and intelligibly as possible.
  • Audience segmentation. Focus on a specific segment of the audience - this will significantly increase conversion. Target by age, gender, city of residence and other parameters.
  • Analysis of the advertising campaign. Examine the results before sending SMS again. Statistics will help to correct the mistakes made and take into account any nuances when planning a new campaign.
  • Cascading mailing. Complete SMS sending in instant messengers (Viber, WhatsApp) and by email. This optimizes the cost of an advertising campaign through.

How to create SMS mailing at Devino.Online

The interface of your personal account is simple and clear, so even a person who has never done this can set up sending messages. Follow the algorithm: 

  1. Enter the name of mailing and the name of the sender. Please note that you can only start mailing if you applied for a unique name and it has been approved.
  2. Select regularity (one-time or periodic). The frequency depends on the specified parameters: messages can be sent daily, weekly or monthly. If you wish, you can configure automatic sending of SMS to subscribers on their birthday. Such messages have a positive effect on brand attitude.
  3. Start the mailing immediately after configuration or postpone it to another day. Scheduled SMS mailings are becoming increasingly popular, as marketers do not need to worry about whether messages were sent on time.
  4. If necessary, activate the smooth mailing. The option allows you to "stretch" the sending of messages. It is needed if you are afraid not to cope with the stream of simultaneous calls and calls from subscribers.
  5. Select the sheet or segment of the customer base that will receive the newsletter.
  6. Fill in the message text.
  7. Check the data and see how the message will look like at the recipient. If all the information is correct, and you agree with the approximate cost, click on the "Run Newsletter" button.

If you still have questions about how to organize SMS mailing correctly and increase the company's profit, write or call Devino Telecom specialists. We will tell you which strategy will bear fruit specifically in your case, and help you create a “working” text for SMS.