SMS communication for a bank

According to FZ-161 of the Russian Federation, all banks in Russia are obliged to warn customers about any operations on the account. In addition to transaction notifications, sending SMS messages from the bank may contain the following information:

  • The result of considering a loan application.
  • New deposit rates, types of deposits.
  • Expiration of deposit.
  • Transfer of pension or salary.
  • The need for planned repayment of the loan.
  • Cross-promotional notifications from partners of the bank.
  • Service messages on the bank's work schedule, opening a branch, etc.

Information occasions for communication

Sms mailing for banks is compiled taking into account the information occasions. The standard ones include a transfer of funds, a confirmation code for making a payment, a reminder of loan repayment. Non-standard informational occasions: invitation to install a bank application, sale of credit cards, promotion of purchases in partner companies.

How to increase customer loyalty by sending SMS messages from the bank  

  1. Inform about new offers and services. Unobtrusive and competent advertising can cause genuine interest.
  2. Report all transactions without exception. It is important for the client where and when the payment was made. The message should also contain information about the exact amount charged. This is necessary not only to ensure security, but also to calculate the funds spent per month. Some of those who regularly analyze expenses use SMS mailing in their calculations.
  3. Congratulations on national and personal holidays (New Year, birthday, March 8).
  4. Remind about the deadline for making a loan installment.
  5. Update the status of the loan. This will allow the client to understand how much and for how long he/she should pay. Give the opportunity for feedback, thanks to which a person will ask all his/her questions.
  6. Indicate the validity period of the card in SMS. Customer will appreciate your service.
  7. Offer discounts and promotions. This item involves contact with a new audience who seeks to save by ordering certain products or services. If necessary, a person will take advantage of the bank’s offer.
  8. Warn about a change in the interest rate on the loan. Such information is of paramount importance, therefore it must be reported as quickly as possible, for example, in an SMS message.

All of the above operations are extremely simple, but they create a positive image of the bank and maintain customer loyalty.

Examples of SMS messages for a bank

SMS mailing for a bank may look like this:

  •  “Vasily Ivanovich, we remind you that you can return 10% of the amount of every third purchase paid using Apple Pay! You only need to download the Bank card to the Wallet app on your smartphone. The promotion is valid until 10.11.2019. The maximum cashback is 1,500 rubles. More information at Tel: 88000000808. PJSC "Your Bank".
  • “Credit card from Lovely Weekend Bank. Get cashback up to 5% every Saturday. You can find out the credit limit by sending a free SMS with the word “Saturday” to 8800. By sending SMS you confirm your agreement with the offer of PJSC “Your Bank” on the provision of the “Creditworthiness Assessment” service.
  • “Hello, Daria Mikhailovna! Use a savings account to save up for a car, house and other purposes. A savings account is a perpetual deposit with the possibility of replenishment and withdrawal of funds. Details can be found at Tel: 88000000808. PJSC “Your Bank”.

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