SMS communication for a beauty salon

Nowadays, beauty salons are very popular both in megacities and in small cities. Almost every street has a bright sign board with a list of services for nail, skin and hair treatment. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stand out among competitors every day, and only a competent advertising campaign is able to attract new customers and retain old ones. It is not so easy to interest and surprise a modern consumer, and the methods of promotion used for this require serious investments. However, it is almost impossible to predict their effectiveness.

Imagine that a beauty salon has a stylish design, qualified staff, certified equipment, but there is no understanding how to achieve customer loyalty. In this case, the business is almost doomed. The best solution for advertising services will be sms mailing for a beauty salon. According to studies, 9 out of 10 people immediately open an SMS message, which guarantees high efficiency of mobile marketing.

Possibilities of SMS communication to clients of a beauty salon

The sms mailing service to clients of a beauty salon opens the following possibilities:

  • Establishing trust with a client. In the message, the person is addressed by name, and the name of the salon is indicated in the "sender" field.
  • Reducing the cost of an advertising campaign, Devino Telecom offers different tariffs and prices.
  • Growth of customer base. The ability to use SMS advertising through carrier networks attracting additional customers to the salon.

Examples of sms communication for a beauty salon

SMS should cause an instant reaction in a person. How to compose a text and present your proposal? Let's look at specific examples.

  1.  A reminder of an appointment with a beautician or a face / hair treatment course. Such SMS is sent automatically, being directly connected to the CRM-system. Thanks to this, salon clients receive timely information about the reception or session. Example: “Hello, Viktoria! We remind you that tomorrow you have an appointment with the beautician at 12.00. We are waiting for you at 9 Rokoshina Boulevard.”
  2. Information on contests and promotions. Invite a client to participate in a raffle or competition, making participants interested in gifts and discounts. Example: “Dear Natalya, take part in the contest for the best photo after the procedure and win a certificate for a free face peeling. Details on"
  3. News of the opening of a new salon. Example: “Maria, we are pleased to announce the opening of a second Beauty Salon at Dubinina 38. Discounts up to 30% on the first visit."
  4. Warning of force majeure and unforeseen situations. No one is safe from unpleasant surprises. In case something happens, there should always be templates for prompt SMS mailing to clients of a beauty salon. Example: “Veronika, we apologize, but your master fell ill. In the near future, the administrator will contact you and offer another date for the appointment.”
  5. Message on workshops and seminars. Invite salon visitors to your events. Example: “On September 20 and 21, Beauty Salon will host lectures on evening makeup from makeup artist Viktoria Novikova. Record by phone 123-123".
  6. The appearance of new procedures. Example: “From July 1, Mesotherapy service is available at the Beauty Salon. The skin will again become toned and fresh. Try it, you will like it. Record by phone 123-123".
  7. Congratulations to regular customers on the holidays. Automatic SMS mailing for a beauty salon ensures that each birthday person receives a message addressed to him/her personally in a timely manner. Example: “Alina, happy birthday and we give a 20% discount on all salon services. Be happy!".