SMS communication for a car service

Devino Telecom specialists emphasize the great potential of SMS informing for car service customers.

The correct sms mailing for a car repair service helps to find new customers and again interest those who have not visited a service center for a long time. In addition, it has a beneficial effect on the image of the company and significantly increases sales.

If SMS informing for car service customers is organized correctly, it benefits both parties: the business receives a regular customer, and a regular customer - the opportunity to be serviced in a car service on favorable terms.

Sending SMS messages to car service customers is an automated process that takes very little time. In this case, the client can be sure that the message will be delivered to the subscriber.

The main thing is to obtain the consent of customers to receive messages, otherwise the law on advertising will be violated.

The benefits of SMS mailing for a car service

  • Fast sending. In just a few seconds, SMS is sent to hundreds of subscribers. Thanks to this, the launch and implementation of the entire advertising campaign takes hours.
  • Low price. The cost of one message is still relatively inexpensive.
  • Convenient storing of SMS. Unlike paper promotional materials and offers made during a telephone conversation, a message on a mobile phone is always at hand. This means that if necessary, the client can return to it instantly.
  • Efficiency. Before the campaign, the customer base is segmented. Accordingly, the distribution of SMS messages for car service customers is carried out taking into account the interests of a specific group of customers.
  • An opportunity to convey information in several sentences. Brevity is the soul of wit. This quality is especially appreciated in advertising texts that are designed to motivate a person to make a purchase. An intriguing text in SMS can attract attention and push a person to a call or a more careful study of information on the site.
  • Individual approach. Use personal data of clients to congratulate them on holidays, to offer personal discounts in honor of their birthday, to invite to participate in promotions. Calling by name will make SMS mailing for car service even more efficient.

Examples of SMS messages for a car repair service

Consider examples of messages suitable for sending:

  1. Advertising SMS with information about a discount or a promotion: “Dear Aleksey! We hasten to inform you that until May 2, inclusive, you have a unique opportunity to conduct digital diagnostics with a 15% discount. For more information call 651-651 or visit Your Car Service".
  2. Confirmation of the order: “Hello, Valentina! Your order No. 30128 (winter tires and wipers) is ready to be received at a car service center at: Vikentievskaya 18. You can pick up the order from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 18.00."
  3. Information about the opening of the branch: “Good afternoon, Veronika! We are pleased to announce that on September 1 a branch of our car service will be opened on 25 Lenina prospekt. Gifts to all customers on the opening day!”
  4.  Congratulations on the holiday: "Ingeborga! Happy birthday, we give you a 15% discount on all services of our car service. You can take advantage of the offer within a month from the moment you receive this message.”

Please note that the text should be concise and informative. Clearly articulate your proposal and use the words that will push the subscriber to action.