SMS communication for a dental clinic

The competition in the field of dentistry is so high that the task of attracting and retaining customers sometimes seems overwhelming. Marketing specialists develop strategies, emphasize the qualifications of practicing doctors, talk about modern equipment and the latest technologies that are used in the clinic, but expectations remain unjustified. Potential customers do not pay attention to advertising booklets and close the site without studying it.

What tools should be used to become a clinic for people to return to? Specialists at Devino Telecom recommend sending SMS messages for a dental clinic. This method of maintaining communication with patients allows you to always stay in touch and deliver the most relevant information.

Opportunities sms mailing for a dental clinic

SMS informing clients of a dental clinic solves several problems at once:

  1. Confirmation of an appointment. In this case, a person can be sure that the system worked accurately, and he/she will get to the doctor at the appointed time.
  2. A reminder of the appointment. Forgetting a visit to the doctor is much easier than it seems - household chores and personal problems are exhausting, and some patients recall the appointment with the dentist too late.
  3. Informing about new services. The appearance in the clinic of high-tech equipment that extends the capabilities of the dental office is an excellent reason to send messages to the entire client base.
  4. Notification of the opening of a branch.
  5. Carrying out promotions. People are happy to take advantage of great offers, so do not refuse to use discounts and bonuses.
  6. Warning about emergency situations, due to which the reception will have to be rescheduled (doctor’s disease, turning off the lights in the clinic).

SMS mailing for a dental clinic helps not only optimize work processes, but also increase customer loyalty: any person appreciates attention and counts on quality service.

Benefits of sms communication for a dental clinic

  • Personalized mailings in which you address the patient by name contribute to the subconscious emergence of trust.
  • Using the tool of mobile SMS advertising allows you to establish contact with a new audience according to special criteria for targeting the audience.
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of sent messages is very easy thanks to an intuitive system.
  • SMS - a universal way to remind about yourself to the patient and push him/her to make an appointment.

Examples of SMS informing clients of a dental clinic

  • Confirmation of the appointment: “Valentin, you have made an appointment with the dentist general practitioner on August 26 at 13.30. We are waiting for you at Zemlyanichnaya, 13. Smile Dent Dentistry."
  • Appointment reminder: “Darina, you are scheduled for an appointment at 11.25 tomorrow. Your doctor is Sevastyanova M. Smile Dent Dentistry."
  • New services: “Viktoria, we are in a hurry to announce that from September 1 we offer teeth whitening using a unique technology. You can make an appointment with a doctor by calling 313-113. Smile Dent Dentistry."
  • Opening of the branch: “Sergey, hello! On March 15, the second Smile Dent clinic opens at Yablochkova, 3. You are waiting for qualified doctors and a full range of dental services. Appointment by phone 113-331."
  • Promotions: “Hello, Maksim! Only in October, come to teeth whitening and get a discount on the following procedure for yourself and for a friend - 20%. Smile Dent Dentistry. "
  • Congratulations on the holiday: “Zhanna, happy birthday and have a free brushing. Make an appointment with a doctor now - 311-113, and come back at any convenient day! ”

Specialists of Devino Telecom will help to organize SMS mailing for a dental clinic, you just need to leave a request on the website or contact our managers!