SMS communication for a nightclub

Marketers have long agreed that the sms mailing for nightclubs opens up extensive advertising opportunities. Daily sell-out and consistently high profits are not a dream, but the real result of sending messages in which customers are invited to attend a concert, try new drinks, etc. Only an ideal service will make the casual visitor a regular customer who regularly visits the club and recommends it to friends.

The benefits of sending sms for guests of the nightclub

  1.  It has been established that SMS informing visitors of a nightclub has a positive effect on the recognition of the club.
  2. The number of visitors is growing, as there is a promotion not only of the club, but also of gaming zones, as well as performances of certain DJs.
  3. Income becomes higher due to the fact that guests learn about interesting events dedicated to specific holidays.
  4. The possibility of segmentation of the client base provides an appeal to the desired target group, which allows for the point employment of places (for example, in the VIP zone).
  5. The costs of advertising campaigns are reduced, since the advertising SMS mailing for the night club perfectly copes with the task of attracting visitors.

Examples and motives of sms mailing for night clubs

  • Tours of a famous musician or actor. People are attracted by the name - this is a known fact. That is why messages with invitations to the “stars” concert are so effective. You can additionally increase the conversion and analyze the effectiveness of the mailing by suggesting to use the code word to get a discount on the ticket. Example: “Hello, Aleksey! On August 29, a performance of the legend of German rock Gerhard Tomen will take place in Magic Fire Club. Say the code word “Bitte” when buying a ticket and get a 10% discount. Tel. 313-313.
  • Reservations. Receiving confirmation of booking a table by SMS, the client feels its importance to the club. In this case, he/she can also be sure that even on weekends there will be a place for him/her and friends at the club. This increases loyalty. Example: “Dear Marina, we confirm the reservation of a table for 5 people in the red lounge area. We are waiting for you on Saturday, March 21 from 21.00. Magic Fire Club. Tel. 313-313.
  • Themed parties and discos. Promotional sms informing visitors to the nightclub has a huge potential for attracting guests. Tell about stand-ups and festivals within the walls of the club, sending messages to those who will surely pay attention to your event. Example: “Hello, Oleg! On October 31, a grand Halloween party for the most fearless guests will be held at Magic Fire Club! Come in a suit and get a free drink as a gift. Reservations by call 313-313".
  • Notification of the opening of a new club, various innovations, the resumption of work after the repair or large-scale reconstruction. Example: “Andrey, on May 15, the Metall Choice Club opens its doors. The most loose parties and cool concerts at Ermolaeva, 11. All guests on the opening day will have a shot for free. See you later! Reservations by phone 404-404".
  • Offer to hold a private event in the club - a corporate party, a family holiday, a birthday. Example: “Hello, Ignat! The Magic Fire Club is ready for your event: a rich assortment of drinks, live music, excellent service. The promotional code “My holiday” will give you a 15% discount. Details by phone 313-313.
  • Message about discounts and promotions. Of course, everyone wants to save money. Take advantage of this by making a profitable offer that cannot be missed. Example: “Nadezhda, until the end of March there is an action: every Thursday for a company of 4 girls a bottle of champagne as a gift. You can take part in the action unlimited number of times. Book tables and details by calling 313-313. Magic Fire Club.
  • Congratulations on public or private holidays. SMS mailing for guests of the night club, in which you congratulate them and give a discount, has proved its effectiveness. You not only emphasize that you remember the person, but also make him a gift, reminding you that it is better to organize the celebration in your club. Example: “Anna, happy birthday! We wish you happiness and health! Celebrate your holiday at Magic Fire Club with a 20% discount on all drinks and meals. Bonus surprise for a birthday girl for free! Book a table by calling 313-313".

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