SMS communication for a taxi service

Taxi service is one of the fastest growing business areas: the number of customers who want to leave the airport or get from one point of the city to another never decreases. Bad weather at the same time only plays into the hands of the owners of taxis. According to statistics, many people call a taxi, so as not to go under the rain and piercing wind. But despite all the advantages of a niche, it is extremely difficult to stand out among competitors and take your place in the sun.

Modern cars, experienced drivers and affordable prices do not guarantee a steady stream of customers. Competent advertising and modern information is of great importance in the development of the company. If your investment in promotion does not bring results and customers go to competitors, think about the sms newsletter for taxi services. This is a simple and effective way to get people interested. Offer discounts, share news, congratulate on important holidays via SMS, and customers will appreciate it.

Goals of sms informing for taxi

  • Taxi advertising and new services.
  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • A message that the driver is waiting at the specified address.
  • Informing company employees.
  • Monitor driver performance.

SMS mailing for taxi customers using Devino Telecom

By entrusting us a sms newsletter for your taxi service, you will receive:

  • Saving of funds allocated for advertising.
  • Detailed reports to determine the effectiveness of mailing.
  • Ability to simultaneously send hundreds of messages to almost anywhere in the world.
  • Personalized communication with the client. We will help you set up sending SMS in such a way that a person receives a message in which he is addressed by name.

SMS examples for a taxi service

  • Message of new cars in the taxis, additional services and great offers. Example: "Kometa Taxi" offers comfortable travel for any distance. You are waiting for polite drivers and new Volkswagen cars. Call! 123-123."
  • Newsletter dedicated to the cost of services. Example: “Kometa Taxi" - a trip from 120 rubles. Car feed within 10 minutes. We work for you! 123-123."
  • Congratulations on personal and public holidays, information about discounts and competitions. Example: “Oleg, we hasten to congratulate you on your birthday and give a 20% discount on all trips until the end of the month. Call now! 123-123."
  • Coordinating drivers, distributing orders, sending customer contact information. Example: "Order number 41, pl. Beloozertseva 4, entrance 7, time 15.20, customer's phone number 321-321, Raisa Alekseevna.”
  • Notification that the order is accepted, as well as the specification of the time of the car, the number of the car and the name of the driver. Example: “Thanks for the order! Driver Andrey on the Subaru A412MA will arrive at 19.30 at the address. Sviblova, 11. The cost of the trip is 330 rubles. Bon Voyage!".
  • Building communication with company staff: invitations to corporate training, medical examinations and other events. Example: “On May 23, at 14.00, in the meeting room, the training “Rules for ethical communication with a client in a taxi service” will take place. Participation is required. Director.

SMS mailing for taxis allows you to reduce telephone costs, facilitate the work of operators and minimize the likelihood of problems. Mailing easily integrated into the main CRM-system.

If you have any questions, Devino Telecom specialists are always ready to advise and help you set up an SMS mailing list for taxi services. If necessary, we will help you create a text, choose the optimal time for sending messages and analyze the results of the campaign.

Devino Telecom: our goal is your success!