SMS communication for an insurance company

Sending messages from the insurance company is aimed at communication with both regular and new customers. They both will appreciate the useful information in the SMS message, the main thing is to make it correctly.

Sms mailing for insurance companies allows promoting a product on the market, and the effect increases, if you send it by e-mail. Surveys show that even if the addressee does not immediately take advantage of the offer, it can return to it later when the need arises. In addition, it can share information with friends for whom it is more relevant. This ensures a natural customer base growth.

By adding a promo code to a message to receive a bonus or a discount, you can track the success of the newsletter and study the conversion. This gives an understanding of how much a person is interested in your offer - it is possible that it needs to be improved, thus increasing the quality of service.

If we are talking about new customers, it does not matter what type of insurance they will begin to get acquainted with your company. By purchasing a car insurance, they can later purchase health insurance on a trip. The main thing is to constantly maintain contact with them. SMS informing customers of the insurance organization is ideal for this.

What does SMS mailing give to the insurance company

  • Established contact with customers.
  • Increases the level of customer service.
  • Reducing the cost of calls and advertising.
  • Adjusts the “positive” image of the company.

Mailing opportunities

Sending SMS messages to insurance company clients is needed in the following situations:

  • A reminder that the insurance policy expires and must be renewed.
  • Information on the decision made on the request of the insurance payment.
  • Notification of transfer of insurance payments to the client’s account.
  • Messages accompanying all stages of the consideration of the insured event.
  • Gratitude for the trust and choice of the insurance organization.
  • Newsletter dedicated to new services.
  • Offer to use discounts and promotions.
  • Feedback from customers in other cities.
  • Congratulations on holidays.
  • Warning about changing the office schedule or opening a new branch.

Examples of sms mailing for insurance companies

  • Special conditions for corporate employees in November: property insurance and life insurance with a 30% discount. Call now! Insurance company "Choice", tel. 911-911.
  •  “Vitaly Sergeevich, your policy will expire on February 25, 2018. To extend, call 911-911. Insurance company "Choice".
  • “We are glad to present our new service -“personal” liability insurance. Reasonable price for those who conclude a contract before September 1. Call 911-911!”
  • “An unprecedented action: all summer discount on auto insurance - 10%. For more information, visit vibor.vibor and call 911-911.”
  • “Viktoria! Happy Birthday! We give a 15% discount on all our services until May 1st. Thank you for staying with us. Insurance company "Choice".
  • “Hello, Katerina Ivanovna! We inform about the opening of an additional office at Vokzalnaya, 66. Now to get an insurance policy is even easier. Insurance company "Choice". Tel. 911-911.
  •  “We celebrate 15 years! Discount on insurance 15% to all customers of the Insurance company "Choice". Call! 911-911.
  • “Antonina Georgievna, a positive decision was made on the issue of reimbursement of funds. Money transfer will take three business days. Thank you for your trust! Insurance company "Choice", tel. 911-911.

Since messages contain a limited number of characters, it is important to transmit the most important with their help. The client must understand that his/her request is in progress and the company makes every effort to understand the situation as soon as possible.

Collect customer base

Do not forget that you can only send messages to customers who have agreed to receive the newsletter, otherwise there may be problems with the law on advertising. How to build a subscriber base?

This process cannot be called universal: each organization acts on the basis of its own considerations on how to obtain the consent of a person. Quite often, a special form on the site is used. The user is unobtrusively invited to subscribe to sms informing customers of the insurance organization, promising a nice bonus - a small discount or a compliment from the company.

In addition, employees of an insurance organization may offer to subscribe to a newsletter to customers who come to the office to buy or renew insurance. The main argument: they will receive timely notifications about discounts and promotions, which allow significant savings. It usually works, and the person leaves the contact number.

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