SMS communication for food delivery service

One of the most important success factors in the service sector is customer focus. Moreover, this means both the polite communication of the staff and the high quality of the proposed product, as well as the ability to keep in touch with the buyer for a long time. You can achieve this goal by setting up the sms mailing list for the food delivery service.

Properly organized mailing is a powerful tool that marketers use skillfully. It is necessary not only to send service messages about the status of the order, but also for advertising campaigns. Statistics show that customers are interested in the advantageous offers received via SMS. SMS informing for food delivery services is a universal way to improve the company's image and attract new customers.

What tasks does the SMS mailing solve for the food delivery service?

  • Notification of acceptance of the order, its formation and transfer to the courier.
  • Confirmation of time and delivery address.
  • Notification of the new dishes in the menu.
  • Promotional information, discounts and bonuses.
  •  Congratulations on personal and public holidays.

SMS informing customers of the delivery service is required for communication with regular customers and those who have not yet made the first order.

Benefits of SMS mailing for courier delivery service

Specialists of Devino Telecom name several advantages of the mailing:

  1. Low price. The cost of one message makes the newsletter an affordable way to communicate with customers.
  2. The ability to organize mailing independently. You can write the text yourself or ask Devino Telecom marketers for help. Sending SMS is controlled by you at all stages.
  3. Convenient statistics. Efficiency of mailing is easy to analyze and draw conclusions that will be useful when organizing the next advertising campaign.
  4. Receive a report for each client. The system will show if the message has been delivered.
  5.  Fully automated process. Having set up a newsletter, you do not need to worry about whether all clients will receive messages at the selected time. SMS sending is 100% automated.
  6. Increase customer loyalty. Research has shown that customers value great deals and the desire to stay connected.

Examples of sms

  • Confirmation of the order: “Hello, Angelina! You ordered lamb stew, sweet sauce chicken and the Zero Gravity dessert. The order amount is 1750 rubles. Payment method - cash to the courier. Delivery address: Khudyakova, 16. Pirozhkoff delivery service. "
  • Updating the status of the order: “Angelina, your order has been transferred to the courier. Estimated delivery time is 21.20. Enjoy your meal!".
  • News about the changes in the menu: “Hello, Angelina! We are in a hurry to inform you about the appearance of a unique dish in the Pirozhkoff assortment - ostrich liver with garlic and anise. A gift from the delivery service when ordering for two people."
  • Promotional SMS: “Angelina, good afternoon! Only this month, when you buy two desserts, you get the third absolutely free! Details are available by calling 656-989 and on”
  • Congratulations: “Angelina, congratulations on March 8! On this beautiful day, we give a 20% discount on the entire menu, as well as a gift for any order from 1000 rubles - pork ribs from the chef! ”

You need SMS mailing for a food delivery service? Just call Devino Telecom!