SMS communication for information business

The information business market is growing at an incredible pace, and the first positions are occupied by companies that manage to convey the benefits of their product to the target audience. More and more companies need to establish constant contact with customers and convince them that the proposed course, seminar or training will really benefit.

One of the most effective interaction tools is the sms mailing for the information business.

SMS informing opportunities for the information business

What tasks does the SMS mailing for the information business solve?

  • Keeping in touch with regular customers. People who are not buying a course or training for the first time will probably be interested in advertising information about lectures.
  • Attraction of new clients. If a person has subscribed to SMS informing customers about trainings and courses, but has not yet purchased a product, messages can push him/her to action.
  • Advertising. According to statistics, a fairly large number of customers use promotions, discounts and bonuses, which the company talks about in SMS.
  •  Information about the upcoming event. Having received the contacts of the venue in the message, the person will easily find out where to go, even if he/she does not have the Internet.
  • Reminder of the event. In the flow of information received, people often forget about scheduled meetings. SMS will remind when and at what time a webinar or lecture will begin.
  • Sale of additional goods or services. SMS messages help promote products with a similar theme.
  •  Sending personal data. In some cases, the client must name a special code, which is most convenient to send via SMS.
  • Congratulations on the holidays. A new year or a birthday is an excellent occasion to write to a person. He will evaluate the customer focus of the company and, perhaps, pay attention to relevant courses and webinars.

However, the SMS mailing for the information business will bear profit only if the correct approach to composing the message is made. Hire a creative copywriter who writes the selling text.

Before starting the mailing, make sure that all customers agree to receive SMS from your company. Otherwise, you violate the law on advertising, and this will entail certain sanctions.

Examples of sms communication for information business

  1. Invitation of a regular customer to a new course: “Hello, Antonina! On September 13, for the first time, a unique training entitled “The Art of Seduction” will be held. Hurry to sign up by calling 666-1111 or on”.
  2. Confirmation of the purchase: “Dear Lev! You have just purchased a webinar entitled “The Way of the Warrior in the Jungle of a Metropolis” To access, enter the password Iamawinner666."
  3. Sales of additional products: “Viktoria, hello! You recently completed the Best Woman course. We recommend Lilia Lilovskaya’s book “He Won't Go” to consolidate the result. Your individual 20% discount on promotional code 6661."
  4. Sending special offers: “Isolda, we are in a hurry to inform you that the legendary business coach Rob Tons is coming to Moscow next week. Do not miss the only performance in the capital. 10% discount ticket - only here!"
  5. SMS with contacts of the venue of the seminar or conference: “Hello, Semen! The conference dedicated to personnel management will be held on July 14 at Panfilova 11. Beginning at 10.30. Waiting for you!"
  6. SMS, dedicated to the holiday: “Natalya, happy birthday! We wish you health and success in your career, and give a 20% discount on the course “The Work of Your Life”. You can take advantage of the discount within a month from the moment you receive this SMS.”

SMS informing for the information business is a universal way to stay in touch with customers. Devino Telecom specialists will help you set up turnkey mailing, just dial our number!