SMS communication for schools

The school solves two problems at once by sending SMS messages: it allows monitoring the progress of the child and control his/her behavior.

Why do I need to inform parents via sms

  • The service helps to cope with the problem of absenteeism. Thanks to a special control system, parents receive notifications when a child comes to class and leaves for home. This approach greatly facilitates paper reporting, so school representatives are primarily interested in installing turnstiles.
  • SMS performance alerts keep parents up to date with their learning difficulties or progress.
  • The security level is automatically increased.
  • Information about any changes in the schedule comes instantly.
  • Parents find out about class meetings and events on time.

SMS diary - a unique and useful feature

The main advantage of SMS mailing for schools is SMS diary. It provides the ability to remotely monitor performance in situations where a student has forgotten a real diary. In such cases, parents receive SMS with the grade given by the teacher.

Due to the automation of educational processes, the entire education system is more optimized: relatives have all the relevant information about children's performance and behavior. Evaluation reports are sent regularly, and if necessary, the family can have a conversation discussing learning difficulties or encouraging the child. If he/she is lagging behind in some subjects, parents can hire a tutor and avoid problems in the future. Thus, parents are directly involved in the school life of children.

Of course, informing via sms for parents is also used to invite to school. At the same time, teachers can be sure that the message was delivered: unlike emails, SMS does not fall into spam and does not depend on the availability of the Internet, and this is another plus of SMS notifications about academic performance.

Examples of SMS mailing for schools

  1.  News about planned events, information about parent meetings. Example: “Dear Viktoria Vasilievna! On December 13, our school will host a festival of world nations. Beginning at 12.30, ending at 14.00. We will be glad to see you!".
  2. Notification that the child has come to school and left it. "Hello! Your son Vitaly came at 8.17, left at 11.50. Class teacher Antonina Anatolyevna, tel. 709-907."
  3. Congratulations, thanks. Example: “Alla Aleksandrovna, thank you for the worthy education of your daughter Alena! I wish you health and all the best! The principal of the school is Molotova Maria Mstislavovna. ”
  4. Notification of truancy. Example: “Dear Lilia Leonidovna! Your daughter Larisa missed the first lesson (mathematics) on 12.10.2018. Class teacher Antonina Anatolyevna, tel. 709-907."
  5. Information about the grades of the child: “Dear Galina Gennadevna! Estimates of your son German on October 4: Russian - 5, Literature - 5, History - 4. Behavior - excellent. Class teacher Antonina Anatolyevna, tel. 709-907."
  6. Warning about the cancellation or rescheduling of lessons: “Hello, Irina Sergeevna! The last lesson (music) on September 13th will be canceled due to the teacher’s illness. Class teacher Antonina Anatolyevna, tel. 709-907."

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