SMS communication for the airline

Regardless of whether a person is flying on vacation or on a business trip, he/she wants to receive any information about his/her flight in a timely manner: a notification that the departure time has changed, an offer to use the services of the business lounge on favorable terms, a reminder of the start of registration.

In addition, the client will be grateful for the opportunity to save by taking advantage of a discount or by purchasing a ticket for a promotion. To solve all of the above problems, SMS messages are sent to airline passengers.

The sms mailing service for the airline guarantees: travelers instantly know about changes related to the time of departure and will not be late for the plane. If the flight is delayed, a person can also promptly warn friends and relatives about it - otherwise they will be worried, being at the airport in painful waiting.

The algorithm for the SMS informing airline customers is extremely simple. In a situation where the flight was rescheduled due to various reasons, the passenger is sent a corresponding message. In the response SMS, a person can create a special request to clarify the information.

The client subscribes to receive the mailing by purchasing a plane ticket or paying for additional services. Service details are different for different airlines.

Why do you need sms mailing for airlines

You cannot do without mailing if it is necessary to:

  • Confirm registration on the website or in the affiliate program.
  • Remind about the flight.
  • Keep passengers informed of flight changes.
  • Advertise new destinations.
  •  Invite passengers to check-in online on their own.
  • Send information about discounts and promotions.
  •  Increase customer loyalty.

Benefits of sending SMS messages to airline passengers

Among the advantages of SMS mailing for the airline, Devino Telecom experts specify:

  • Maximum system throughput: hundreds of SMS messages are sent in just one second.
  • Technical support works seven days a week, while qualified specialists deal with any problems.
  • Providing a short number for receiving reply SMS from customers.
  • Dedicated traffic to priority messages, which are important to be delivered as soon as possible.
  • Compliance with all security protocols.
  • Easy integration into the customer’s system.
  • Differentiation of passengers by gender, age, place of residence.
  • Organization of time-consuming batch mailings. Thanks to this, company managers process received applications without unnecessary haste.
  • Personal appeal by name to each client.

Examples of SMS informing airline customers

How can SMS mailing for airline passengers look like?

  • "Hello, Aleksandr! You have just bought a ticket for the XZ65G1 Moscow-Yerevan flight. Departure from Sheremetyevo on 22.11.2019 at 19.30".
  • “Dear Viktoria! May holidays are approaching. Take advantage of the offer and buy a ticket on the Moscow-New York route at a discount. Details can be found at or by calling 666-666.”
  • “Hello, Anastasia! Unfortunately, the XZ65G1 Moscow-Yerevan flight is postponed to 20.30 due to weather conditions.”
  • “Roman! We welcome you and inform you that Moscow-Chicago tickets have a 15% discount from September 1 to October 31. Hurry up to buy! ”
  • “Vitaly, good evening! We are glad to welcome you aboard FlyFast. A full list of services in business class is available at Have a pleasant flight!".