SMS gateway for sending SMS

Every large company that cooperates with thousands of customers needs an SMS gateway - a special software package through which messages are sent. In this case, the phone is not needed, since all the functionality is integrated into the CRM system via api.

The most famous types of gateways are SMS2Email, WEB2SMS, SMS2Skype. Each of them allows configuring SMS distribution via the Internet. Some are able to send messages even to landlines, creating an audio message. A separate place is taken by the corporate gateway for sending sms - it gives the user access to confidential information and private applications.

SMS sending gateway specifics

It is important to understand that different companies work with different communication protocols that belong to certain companies. Because of this, contacting two SMS centers is only possible if the communication protocols do not contradict each other.

Solving the problem helps sending sms through gateways located between SMS centers. The gateway converts data from one center so that the second can read it. For example, the exchange of SMS between mobile operators is carried out by connecting to a gateway, which plays the role of an intermediary.

SMS Gateway of Devino Telecom

Our features allow:

  • Maintain a high level of data protection.
  • Send sms to anywhere in the world.
  • Select a priority channel for broadcasting.
  • Personalize SMS.
  • Receive detailed statistics and see changes in the status of sent messages in real time.
  • Maintain maximum sending speed even during peak hours.

All mailings planned via SMS gateway always start on time, regardless of the day of the week or time of a day. Up to one million messages can be sent in a single mailing list. In addition, the gateway for sending SMS allows to simultaneously sending different types of messages.

Types of mailing via sms gateway

You can send both single messages and bulk. Units refer to service or transactional. Their task is to notify the client of the operation carried out on the card, confirm the order, etc. Example: “Buying at Three Cats - 3599 rubles, balance - 21388 rubles.”

Bulk messages are sent as part of advertising campaigns, while the amount of data can reach huge values (about a thousand SMS per minute). If the load increases, the system automatically requests additional connections. Example: “Veronika, until December 1, all skin care products are discounted by 20% upon presentation of this message. Hurry up! ”

If you need a reliable gateway to send SMS to the entire client base, contact Devino Telecom - our experts will advise and help solve technical issues. The support service is open around the clock seven days a week, so we quickly respond to all requests. Sending SMS using Devino Telecom is the right solution for large businesses.