SMS communication for a car dealership center

To stand out in the auto retail market has always been difficult, and over the years the situation has not become better: new customers can be interested only with good advertising. At the same time, it is important to understand the needs of your audience and correctly build communication with them. This helps to avoid the influx of fans of the so-called window-shopping, when people come to the car dealership not to buy, but to see.

Another issue - what should be a good advertisement? How to get to the target audience and make a profit? Devino Telecom recommends sms newsletter for the car dealership. This tool does not require large financial investments, and its effectiveness is amazing.

Why do you need SMS mailing for dealership clients

  • News about the opening of additional technical centers.
  • Message about new models on sale.
  • Information about discounts and promotions
  • Invitation to a test drive.
  • Congratulations on personal and public holidays, with the provision of additional discounts on this occasion.
  • A reminder to pass inspection.

Customer base segmentation

Before launching SMS mailing for dealerships, it is necessary to divide the customer base according to certain parameters. For example, create a separate list of those who asked about new models of a certain brand or those who applied to a car dealership already with service calls. This allows increasing the efficiency of mailing dedicated to a specific information occasion.

SMS examples for a car dealership

  • An example of a message about the opening of an additional technical center: “Hello, Pavel! From October 23, the city has a new Renault technical center. We are waiting for you to service cars at Koroleva, 42 every day from 9 to 21 hours. Appointment by phone 222-222".
  • An example of an SMS about new models or brands of cars in the showroom: “Dear Alina Maksimovna! The long-awaited Renault Arkana SUV is available for purchase from November 14. Guaranteed gifts for the first 50 customers. Tel. 222-222.
  • An example of an invitation to take part in a promotion or competition: “Dear Maksim Albertovich! On the Day of Russia, in the Renault Motor Show, there will be a raffle of trips to the Maldives among those who bought cars from us last year. You can try your luck by registering at a short number 22-22."
  • An example of a message about the next maintenance date: “Hello, Valentina! The deadline for the maintenance of your car is September 9. We are waiting for you for inspection and scheduled work. Appointment by phone 222-222. Renault car dealership.
  • Example of congratulations on the International Women's Day: “Dear Alevtina! Congratulations on March 8 and giving the opportunity to change the plugs for free until the end of the month. Preliminary registration by phone 222-222".
  • Sample invitation to test drive: “The long-awaited Renault SUVs are available for a test drive. Try it yourself and see what they can do! Car Renault on Koroleva, 42. Phone 222-222".

SMS mailing correctly composed and organized on-time for salon customers is the best way to get information as quickly as possible to your target customer. If the information in the SMS is really interesting to people, then the conversion will be impressive. This means that not only revenues will grow, but also the number of regular customers.

SMS information for the car dealership gives one hundred percent guarantee that the message will be received by the addressee. Unlike other types of mailing, SMS delivery does not depend on the Internet and the availability of instant messengers installed on a smartphone.

Any questions? Just call Devino Telecom, and our specialists will answer them. In addition, we will help you to organize a turnkey distribution, we will help with the writing of texts and select the appropriate time for distribution.

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