SMS communication for a medical center

What is most important for any clinic? In the first place - the trust of the patient, the general struggle of the patient and the doctor with the illness, on time help. However, even high-quality services cannot always guarantee the prosperity of the medical center. For this it is necessary to establish contact with the patient.

Sms mailing for medical centers systematizes the reception and treatment, and also allows you to establish proper communication with clinic visitors. Sending messages provides an opportunity to receive feedback and understand what needs to be done in order not to lose the interest and trust of the patient. A text message to the clinic’s clients is a sign that you care about those who came for help, and they can contact you again at any time.

Who needs mailing

Devino Telecom experts recommend setting up SMS mailing:

  • Doctors with private practice.
  • Non-state clinics.
  • Centers offering consulting services.
  • Laboratories and diagnostic centers.
  • Dental offices.

The benefits of sms mailing for the medical center

  • You have the opportunity to bring the news or message to the entire customer base for a second.
  • Favorable cost of sending by SMS for clients of the clinic.
  • In a situation where you had a force-major (unexpected illness of a doctor), you can promptly report this to the patient.
  • You create a reputation as a customer-oriented medical center.

Examples of sms mailing for medical centers

  • Reminder of admission. It allows avoiding situations when the patient did not come, forgetting about the visit to the doctor. Example: “Dear Peter Nikolaevich! We are waiting for you at the reception tomorrow at 14.00. Please warn if you cannot come to the reception. Edelweiss Clinic.
  • Notification of postponement due to unforeseen situations. Example: “Dear Elena Markovna, unfortunately, we are forced to postpone your appointment with an endocrinologist in connection with a doctor’s illness. The administrator will contact you to clarify the details of the appointment”.
  • Informing about new doctors or medical center services. Example: “Hello, Aleksandra Aleksandrovna! We are pleased to announce that from November 1, a procedure is being carried out at the Edelweiss clinic on the Tonsilor hardware complex. Treatment of sinusitis without punctures. Sign up on the phone 010-010".
  • News about the opening of a new branch of the clinic. “Valeria Nikolaevna! On August 12, a branch of the Edelweiss clinic opens on Rozhdestvensky Boulevard 18. The rooms are equipped with the most modern devices, and the qualifications of doctors are confirmed by diplomas and certificates. You can ask questions and make an appointment by calling 020-020. ”
  • Offer of discounted services. Example: “Anastasia Anatolyevna, we hasten to rejoice: until the end of summer, you have a unique opportunity to get dental treatment with an unprecedented 25% discount. Make an appointment by calling 010-010. ”
  • A message about the time of analysis, as well as notification of their readiness. Example: “Dear Aleksey Fedorovich! You are recorded for complete blood count tomorrow at 8.30. The doctor will wait in office number 32. The result can be picked up after September 18th. Phone to clarify the readiness status of the result 010-010".

Correctly composed SMS mailing for the medical center will increase the number of patients, profits and the level of trust in the clinic.

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