SMS communication for hotels

Hotel owners direct all efforts to make new customers permanent. In addition, if a person likes not only the location, but also the service, he/she will certainly recommend to stay in a hotel to his/her friends. Additional services, attentive staff, clean rooms - all this affects the image of the hotel in the eyes of the guest.

How to make contact with the client? This question is still relevant, because it does not have a definite answer. Usually, after the standard registration procedure, the guest is left to himself/herself and poorly imagines what he/she can receive during his/her stay. Properly organized sending SMS messages to hotel guests is a guarantee that they will be satisfied with the customer focus of the hotel.

The benefits of sms mailing for the hotel

Devino Telecom specialists emphasize a number of advantages that make sms newsletter for the hotel one of the most convenient and effective advertising tools:

  • 90% of recipients open a message instantly.
  • The cost of one SMS is quite low compared with other advertising media.
  • In just one second, sms are sent to hundreds of subscribers in more than two hundred countries of the world.
  • Automated personal contact with the client increases the level of loyalty and trust on its part.

Examples of SMS informing hotel customers

  • Confirmation of booking rooms and dates of arrival. Example: “Hello, Natalia Pavlovna! You have successfully booked a room with two single beds in the Blesk Hotel. We are waiting for you on August 13 from 12:00, thank you! Tel. 666-111."
  • The offer of hotel services and their short list. Example: “Dear Viktor Vasilyevich, in the Blesk Hotel you can use the swimming pool, gym and spa. Check-in from 12.00. You can change the booking details in your personal account on the website or by calling 666-111."
  • Message describing how to find the hotel. Example: “Dear Olga Fedorovna, it’s most convenient to get to the Blesk Hotel by buses 54, 21 and 48, which depart from the Severny Station every 15 minutes. Stop "Chekhov Park". Tel. 666-111."
  • Information about the work schedule of a cafe, swimming pool, gym and other infrastructure facilities. Example: “Dear Sofia Konstantinovna, breakfast is served on the 1st floor from 7 am to 10 am, the swimming pool and gym are open for visitors from 7 am to 10 pm. Enjoy your stay! Blesk Hotel. Tel. 666-111."
  • Notice of the possibility to stay in partner hotels in other cities. “Ivan Alekseevich, our partner in Kirovsk, the Siyanie Hotel is always happy for you and offers a discount on staying in comfortable rooms from November to January. Hurry to book! Tel. 111-666”.
  • Congratulations on the New Year, birthday or other holiday. Example: “Viktoria Tarasovna, congratulations on your birthday and we wish you all the best! When checking into any room at the Blesk Hotel during the year, you will receive a bottle of champagne as a gift. Waiting for you! Tel. 666-111."

Sms mailing for the hotel has a positive effect on its reputation and shows customers that you always remember them. If you want to organize SMS informing customers of the hotel, but do not know where to start, just call Devino Telecom.

Our experts will help with setting up the mailing, making every effort to make it as effective as possible. We will show you how to correctly compose sms text, automate the process and send sms at a predetermined time.

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