SMS mailing program

Quite often, Devino Telecom receives questions on what kind of program is needed to send SMS. It is time to dispel myths and dispel misconceptions. Any program for sms-mailing is a tool for spammers. Serious companies that value their customers use professional and high-tech platforms, for example, Devino.Online, to send messages.

Program features

Not a single program for sms mailing from a computer will be able to maintain a position in an ever-changing technology. In the near future, they will all give way to powerful platforms, and there are several reasons for this:

  1. Sending a large number of messages. Any program for SMS distribution from a computer has limits, and they rarely exceed several hundred messages. For a large business, this is a problem, because large-scale advertising campaigns are impossible. Look: every month, metropolitan hypermarkets send at least 500,000 messages with information about discounts, promotions, and accruals for the bonus program. Even the best program will not be able to master such volumes.
  2. Creation of automated sms-mailings. The functionality of the programs is very limited and does not allow you to set the day and time of sending messages. In this case, timely congratulation of customers on their birthday becomes an impossible task, and after all, SMS with a discount for birthday parties is a great way to increase brand loyalty and increase sales.
  3. Detailed analytics. Only on a professional platform for mailing can you see the number of messages sent and delivered. Also, the system displays clicks on links added to the text.
  4. Segmentation of the audience. In the Devino.Online personal account, you can divide the client base according to many parameters, from gender and age to the city of residence. If necessary, the introduction of custom fields is available (middle name, interests, etc.). Programs for SMS distribution do not provide for database segmentation.
  5. Personalization. Devino.Online gives the opportunity to apply by name to each client. Programs that are installed on a computer do not have similar functionality. Their goal is bulk mailings that do not take into account the identity of the addressee.

Why you should choose Devino.Online

Our platform has a number of distinctive advantages:

  • Many useful options. Geography target, scheduled SMS mailings, simultaneous sending of thousands of messages - all this is available in the Devino.Online personal account.
  • Help desk support. Our experts are always ready to help with setting up the newsletter and suggesting a good idea or catchy text for the message.
  • Budget saving. The more messages are sent, the cheaper they are charged, so using Devino.Online can reduce the cost of advertising campaigns.

If you still have questions, just call us or write an e-mail!