SMS mailing via API

Corporations that work with large volumes of data choose to send SMS via API, as this opens up great opportunities for marketing campaigns.

What for is sms mailing via API

  • Integration into the CRM system to create delayed mailings and automatically congratulate customers on holidays.
  • Notification of the status of the bonus account.
  • Service messages about changing order status.
  • Confirmation of user actions (registration on the portal, password recovery) using a one-time code in SMS.
  • Reminder about the appointment with a specialist or the need to make a payment.

Api capabilities

Thanks to the Devino Telecom API service, many tasks are solved:

1. Two-factor authentication is configured.

2. The status of the sent message is displayed.

3. A list of signatures that can be used for distribution is displayed.

4. The customer base and personal data of clients are edited.

5. Detailed statistics of all advertising campaigns are available.

6. An authorized user sees his/her balance.

7. If necessary, bulk sending sms via api takes into account time zones.

8. You can send SMS to certain segments of the audience (for example, only women or only men from 20 to 40 years old).

Checking the request

The distribution service via api always checks the request before sending. The check affects:

  • Required parameters, without which it is impossible to send a single message.
  • Relevance of the session in the system.
  • Availability of funds to pay for the advertising campaign (the minimum amount is calculated based on the tariff).
  • The correctness of the entered phone numbers and email addresses.
  • The number of characters that determines the number of message segments.

Mailing is launched only if all checks were successful.

Integration with CRM system

API is easy to integrate into any CRM system to set up instant messaging without prior moderation and waiting. In addition, Devino Telecom always sends SMS via a dedicated line, and this is another advantage of working with us.

New projects are easily implemented thanks to the integration capabilities, therefore, from the moment an idea appears to the moment of actual launch, a few hours pass.

Statistics show the status of sent messages in real time, while all data is easily exported to Excel to make the marketing analysis process more convenient.

The customer support service of Devino Telecom is working around the clock and quickly solves emerging issues, while providing multi-level data protection. Security and privacy is one of Devino Telecom's top priorities.

To configure mailing via API, you need to contact Devino Telecom technical support by writing an email to The company's specialists will help you access and create the first newsletter, as well as advise on how to make it as effective as possible.