SMS newsletters for an online store

It is difficult to imagine the activity of a good online store without SMS newsletters. At the same time, the sphere of activity is not of fundamental importance: grocery, cosmetic, sports shops, all equally strive to improve the service and win customers' loyalty.

SMS service features for online stores

Newsletters allow:

  • Informing the buyer about discounts and new promotions.
  • Checking the updated status of the order.
  • Updating the information about payment, delivery or the pickup address.
  • Reminding that the order is waiting at the point of issue.
  • Welcoming the customer and, if necessary, providing contact details of the employees responsible for the order.

Types of SMS information for an online store

  1. Notifications. Each customer willingly agrees to receive information about the status of the order: shipment, transfer to courier service, appearance at the point of pickup or estimated time of delivery. Devino Telecom recommends to fully automate SMS sending for online store using API integration. This means that you do not have to keep track of how the order is prepared – the program will promptly send customers the necessary service messages. Thanks to automated SMS newsletters for online stores, managers have free time for other tasks, and the client remains aware of the status of the order.
  2. Advertising campaigns. Tell customers about the best offers, the arrival of a new collection, the start of seasonal sales, the accrual of additional bonus points under certain conditions. Segmentation of the customer base also helps to increase conversion. Specialists of Devino Telecom advise to organize SMS informing for an online store taking into account sex, age and the city of residence of buyers.
  3. Congratulations for birthday, March 8, New Year. Do not skimp on kind words and do not forget to say congratulations to your customers, offering a discount or a small gift as a compliment. Specify how long the promotion will last: a person should have time to take advantage of your offer, without postponing it until better times. The message will definitely be read if you accompany it with a bright title and make the text short.
  4. SMS newsletters for an online store Keep the client informed of changes in the work schedule, closing or opening of retail outlets, innovations in the company's policy.

Advantages of SMS newsletters

  • Individual approach. It is important for any person to feel that he/she is special, so reference by name attracts attention and wins the client's favor even before he/she reads the message (the name is substituted by the service automatically, provided the system is integrated with the internal CRM contour of the online store).
  • Communication with the client is maintained. Regular messages do not let one forget about the store, and a properly built newsletter system not only fuels the client's interest in your brand, but also contributes to the subsequent increase in sales in the future.
  • High speed of preparation and transmission. To send sms to the entire customer base, you need the shortest possible time. Devino Telecom platform allows you to send 6000 SMS messages per second.
  • Segmentation. To accurately reach the target audience, segment the audience into groups and make the distribution selective.

Features of newsletters distribution with Devino Telecom

Devino Telecom's multichannel distribution service allows the online store to send messages to the client via a cascade scheme. You can choose different combinations of channels "Viber – SMS" "E-mail – SMS" or "Vkontakte – SMS", each of which has a number of unique advantages:

  • Increase in the amount of text up to 1000 characters.
  • Writing the name of the store using Russian and Latin characters or numbers.
  • Low cost for the customer company.
  • Almost instant reading (more than 90% of recipients open SMS immediately after receiving).
  • Delivery even to those clients who do not have a modern smartphone or a computer.
  • The use of highly effective analytical tools to correctly assess the success of the campaign.

Triggerring SMS newsletters

Bringing the clients to the site by standard newsletters distribution, activate triggerring SMS newsletters. The principle of their work is based on previous actions of the person. Consider the following example.

The user left his/her contacts, voluntarily agreeing to receive news about discounts and promotions. After that, he/she becomes a potential buyer and receives personal messages motivating to make an order.

However, the result will be achieved only if you take into account the interests of a particular client. Before sending a message, learn which product group they see most often, and offer to subscribe to the appropriate newsletter. Where unpaid goods are in the basket, you can also remind about it in SMS. The user "disappeared" and did not visit the site for a long time? Return them with a promotional code for a discount.