Targeted SMS distribution

Targeted advertising via SMS is recognized as one of the most effective ways to promote products on the market. The high relevance of this type of advertising is achieved through a clear segmentation of the audience. This means that only potentially interested customers will receive messages on behalf of your brand.

Key features

The main difference between targeted SMS advertising and regular newsletters is that the offer is sent exclusively to the selected target audience of the company. It is worth noting that numerous studies show: the client can decide to buy the product if not immediately, then after a while, as he/she receives an offer that he/she is waiting.

For segmentation, marketers refer to the clients' personal data, which allows creating a text that takes into account the sphere of interests of a certain range of users. This significantly increases conversion with minimal requirements for the advertising budget.

Who needs targeted SMS advertisin

Devino Telecom experts recommend sending SMS newsletters in the following cases:

  • Promotion of a new product that is still unknown to potential buyers.
  • Low cost of goods or services. In such situations, spending money on large-scale campaigns is unjustified.
  • Distribution of tickets for theatrical performances, concerts or other entertainment.
  • Offer of products, the purchase of which is made by a person impulsively.

Advantages of targeted bulk sms newsletters

  • Absence of own client base. Since the distribution is made on the basis of mobile operators, the client does not need to search and collect their own database or obtain consent from subscribers.
  • Hit in the target audience. SMS distribution by geotargeting, gender or age is the key to success. Example: the person who often uses roaming, will certainly examine the offer of last minute tours or cheap air tickets.
  • Increase in the number of sales. Pushing the client to action, in the right place and at the right time, you have a positive impact on the company's profits. Just provide the client with useful information about the promo price, discount or promotion period when he/she is near you, and the result will not be long in coming.
  • Saving on advertising tools. SMS are sent according to a certain schedule and volume – it helps to keep to the allocated budget.

SMS distribution based on geolocation

Geolocation-based distribution has a number of advantages that make it really effective.

  • Suitable conditions for making a purchase. Extensive distribution options allow you to send a message with a promotional code for a discount to a client who lives near the store or is already in a large shopping center where your brand is located.
  • Direction. Even if the client lives far away from the point of sale, you can set up a mailing list so that the recipient receives the message when they are near the store or event location. Bonus for large companies with branches in the regions – newsletters distribution that takes into account different time zones.
  • Universality. Targeted SMS advertising will be received by both active users of smartphones and users of ordinary mobile phones. At the same time, they also have access to some interactive options that expand the boundaries of communication with the company.
  • Accurate analytics. Geolocation-based SMS distribution affects regional customers, pushing them to buy. Offer to send an SMS and get a coupon for a discount while the person is at the point of sale – quite an effective move to track practicability. Moreover, the customer that bought the distribution service sees not only the number of sent discount coupons, but also the audience that used them. In the future, this greatly facilitates the segmentation of consumers for new advertising campaigns.
  • Personalization. The addressee receives advertising in a timely manner, regardless of the city of residence and the specific area. This motivates to take advantage of the offer immediately after reading the SMS.
  • Convenience of geotargeting - based distribution. Not all the users install special applications in their smartphones. In the view of business benefits, such programs are relevant only for giant companies. Targeted advertising via SMS is the best solution for small and medium-sized companies.
  • Persistence. Geolocation-based distribution does not lose its relevance over a long period, while the personal data of users are constantly updated thanks to the latest information about the clients' actions.