Targeted SMS mailing

Targeting is used in mobile marketing more and more often. SMS mailing, designed for a specific target audience, can significantly increase sales. The secret of success is that only potentially interested people get information.

What might be targeting

The parameters of targeted SMS distribution can be very different. The main ones:

  • Gender and age.
  • Sending SMS on geolocation. When setting up, the client can choose a city, and in some cases a specific area.
  • Subscribers of a mobile operator. We do not recommend using this option, as customers can change the operator while maintaining the number. In this case, the system does not recognize the operator, and the potential buyer does not receive a message.
  • Date and time. The parameter allows you to send a message on the desired day. The distribution interval can be any.
  • Hobbies. If desired, the newsletter can be customized based on the interests of the recipient.

When you need targeted SMS mailing

This marketing tool is useful in the following situations:

  • Opening a branch in a new region. Geo SMS will help finding new customers.
  • Distribution of tickets to large sporting events, concerts, theater shows.
  • Introducing a new product or service.
  • Sale of goods, which are usually acquired under the influence of moment and emotions.
  • The task is to sell an inexpensive product that does not make sense to promote as part of large advertising campaigns.

It is important to understand that the conversion of SMS distribution by geolocation or by another parameter is directly related to how correctly the portrait of the target audience was drawn up.

Why is it profitable?

Targeted SMS mailing has three big advantages:

  • Timely offer. In this case, we are talking about geographic targeting. Mobile marketing technologies allow sending an SMS to a person at the moment when he passes near the point of sale - a supermarket, fitness center, restaurant. At the same time, those who are often in roaming will certainly be interested in SMS with a discount on air tickets or a hot tour. The newsletter can be any, it all depends solely on the imagination of the marketer and the specifics of the business.
  • Competent investment. If the target was configured taking into account the interests of the audience, the advertising campaign will pay off many times. You can control the costs and the number of messages sent in your personal account of Devino.Online.
  • Noticeable increase in sales. The statistics of open and read SMS are quite high (about 95%). This means that there are many chances that the client will take advantage of the offer. You can additionally influence the execution of an action by specifying the validity period of the action. Example: “Hello, Alina! Only until October 27 you get a combined manicure for free if you come to the pedicure and coating with luxury gel polish. Hurry up!

Devino Telecom specialists are sure that the future will be in targeted sms mailings.