How to do a promotional mailing through Viber

Almost every smartphone has Viber installed, and communication with the client through this messenger is a great opportunity for business to increase brand loyalty and sales. The main thing is to use the marketing tool to the maximum, creating truly interesting catchy messages.

Secrets of correct the mailing

How to set up ads in Viber? How to make the conversion exceed expectations? Devino Telecom experts have prepared a number of recommendations, following which you can create an effective mailing:

  • Come up with a “loud” headline. It determines whether the person opens and reads the message.
  • Immediately indicate the subject of the message. People read messengers fluently and may miss important information if you place it in the middle or at the end of the text.
  • Use visual content. Users love with their eyes, do not forget about this when preparing a message. Accompany it with a vivid photo or GIF file.
  • Send messages to a specific part of the audience, segmented by gender, age, city of residence and other parameters. This will make the mailing more targeted and effective.
  • Analyze the results of the advertising campaign and take them into account when planning the next mailing.

How to make mailing in Viber in your Devino.Online personal account

  1. Enter the name and the name of the sender. Please note that the latter must be agreed upon and paid in advance.
  2. Choose the frequency of mailing: it can be one-time, regular or timed to the birthday.
  3. Set the time of distribution: depending on the task, the messages are sent instantly or at a specified time. Click the Continue button.
  4. On the next page, you will need to select the recipient list. Having decided which of the subscribers will receive messages, click on the “Continue” button again.
  5. In the window that opened, you can enter the message text (up to 1000 characters), attach a picture, add an action button with a link. Please note that the platform allows you to automatically contact each subscriber by name or personalize the message differently using the proposed parameters. After entering the information, click on the “Run mailing” button.
  6. Review the mailing summary information. After making sure that the data entered is correct, run it.


If you still don’t know how to create a mailing list in Viber, and are not sure that it is needed, carefully study the advantages of this communication channel:

  • Compared to the cost of SMS mailing, sending messages via instant messenger is cheaper.
  • The lifetime of a message increases the chance that it will be delivered even if the subscriber was not connected to the Internet at the time of sending.
  • Viber allows you to create a message up to 1000 characters. This is enough to talk in detail about a product or service, illustrating it graphically.
  • Intuitive setup. Even a person who has never done messaging in messengers before can easily handle mailing through Viber.
  • Detailed statistics make it possible not only to see the number of delivered and read messages, but also displays the number of clicks on the link.

The official mailing list causes trust among users, therefore we recommend sending messages only from an account authorized in the messenger. “Gray” mailings provoke negative attitude to the brand and complaints about spam. If you still have questions about how to do mailing via Viber, call Devino Telecom – we will help!