Viber mailing for a beauty salon

Like any business, a beauty salon needs the right promotion. One of the most effective and inexpensive advertising tools is the viber mailing for a beauty salon. It allows retaining existing customers and finding new ones, profitably presenting a variety of services.


Devino Telecom specialists note the following advantages of the viber mailing for a beauty salon:

  1. Instant sending messages to thousands of users.
  2. A high percentage of delivery due to the popularity of the messenger in Russia.
  3. Low cost combined with high conversion.
  4. Personalized offers.
  5. The ability to create an informative message with a photo or video.

What tasks does viber mailing for beauty salons solve?

Sending messages helps:

  • Increase customer loyalty.
  • Retain existing customers and attract new ones.
  • Invite to new salons.
  • Details about the services.
  • Build effective communication with the guests of the salon.

Examples of viber mailing for a beauty salon

  • Mailing with discounts and bonuses, which are automatically accrued for inviting friends and acquaintances to the salon. Example: “Hello, Valentina! Special offer all July in the Beauty Star salon: you will receive a 10% discount for each invited friend who uses the services of the salon. Discounts are cumulative! Details are available on and by phone 555-555.”
  • Informing about new procedures or cosmetics. Example: “Dear Angelina! From May 22, Beauty Star carries out face biorevitalization, until the end of the month - a gift to all customers who have signed up for the procedure. Terms on or by calling 555-555.”
  • Record confirmation. Example: “Victoria, you signed up for a hair dye to master Evgenia. We are waiting for you on April 25 at 13.00. Have a nice day! Beauty Star Beauty Salon".
  • Appointment reminder. Example: “Victoria, tomorrow you are scheduled for a hair dye at 13.00. Your master is Evgenia. Please inform if you cannot come. Beauty Star Beauty Salon. Phone 555-555".
  • Notification of the opening of a new salon. Example: “Darina, we are pleased to announce that the branch of Beauty Star has opened at Lerenkova 14. Gifts to all clients until October 15, inclusive, an appointment for the procedure by phone 777-777 or on the”
  • Congratulations on national and personal holidays. Example: “Dear Antonina! We sincerely wish you a happy birthday, we wish you health and happiness to you and your loved ones, joyful moments and harmony in your soul! We give a discount of 1000 rubles for any of our procedures worth from 3,500 thousand. You can take advantage of the offer within a month from the moment you receive this message. With love, your Beauty Star."

The experience of using the viber mailing for beauty salons shows the high efficiency of this tool. If you want to configure sending personalized messages through the messenger, but don’t know where to start, call Devino Telecom - our employees are always ready to help organize the mailing.