Viber mailing for a restaurant

A successful business is impossible without regular customers who regularly place orders and recommend the company to their friends. This is especially important in the restaurant sector, where everything is important, from the taste of dishes to the service. The logical question: how to attract new customers and make them permanent? The answer of Devino Telecom: viber mailing for a cafe. This marketing tool helps building effective communication with customers and gaining their loyalty.

Pros of viber mailing for a restaurant

  • Easy to implement. Starting mailings in the messenger is simple. If you have any questions, Devino Telecom specialists are always ready to help.
  • The percentage of returning customers is higher. Guests visit the restaurant repeatedly, as they receive personalized offers that match their interests and needs.
  • Brand awareness is growing. Moreover, this advantage is noted both among the existing and among the new audience.


There are many information lines that will make the viber mailing for the restaurant truly interesting.

  1. Menu update. Tell your subscribers about the appearance of the new dish. Do not forget to share the story of its creation, ingredients and colorful photographs. Thanks to the capabilities of the messenger, you can accompany the text with media files, due to which the message will become more informative.
  2. Promotions and discounts. Offer guests discounts and gifts in the form of a dessert or a drink with a certain amount of the check. They perfectly motivate customers to order more.
  3. Opening of branches. Practice shows that the hardest thing is to upsell a new point. Use the entire arsenal of tools for this, including the viber mailing for the cafe. Be sure to accompany the news with photographs of the interior or dishes. Clients will come to satisfy their curiosity, and this will be your chance to make them fall in love with your facility.
  4. Announcements of events. Live music performed by a talented group or a performance by a stand-up artist is a great reason to organize a newsletter on a client base and invite guests to the restaurant.
  5. Change of work schedule. Some news feeds are on the surface, but not all marketers use them for newsletters, although they are an additional unobtrusive reminder of the facility.
  6. Booking confirmation. It is more profitable to send service notifications as part of the viber mailing for a cafe.
  7. Holding contests. Competition for the most “delicious” photo or the best review will help reviving the audience. Create viber mailing for the restaurant to invite customers to participate.
  8. Important dates for the facility. Celebrate the cafe’s birthday with customers. Draws and a rich program guarantee a full house.
  9. Congratulations on calendar holidays. Personal and thematic holidays (Halloween, February 14, March 8) are another reason to send messages to subscribers.
  10. The news digest. Notify about the appeared delivery service and other news of the facility.