Viber messaging for a bank

Any bank is striving to provide an excellent service, given that in the conditions of tremendous competition only the first-class service could retain clients. An extensive network of branches is not only an advantage but a disadvantage as well - marketing managers are struggling to maintain communication and share up-to-date information across the clients’ base. Devino Telecom experts provide you with a one-stop solution - Viber messaging for banks. It allows establishing personal contacts with all clients and enhance their loyalty.

When Viber messaging for a bank is needed

There was a time when people had a negative attitude toward any kind of messages from companies. Luckily, the situation has changed, and today messaging in messengers is seen as care for clients. Consider this: how would you react if your bank all of a sudden stops sending you notifications? Most certainly, at first you would be surprised, and then you would become outraged. To receive instant information related to a personal account is of utmost importance for a client.

In which cases do you need to set up Viber messaging for a bank?

  • Notifications on transactions. Be sure to notify one on one’s account activity. Withdrawals or deposits, account balance - all these transactions should be reflected in messages.
  • Confirmations of purchases. A client wants to receive notifications on purchases, and in some cases - also an e-receipt, regardless of the price of such purchases.
  • Promotions of new products. Listing of new services or products is a perfect occasion for messaging. Make use of it to present your offers at its best.
  • Reminders to re-issue a card when its expiry date is coming.
  • Holiday greetings. Wishes of good health and happiness for one’s birthday or New Year is a great way to strengthen clients’ loyalty.
  • Recaps of advantages of your bank. Fewer than all look carefully into the information on the website. Sum up the key advantages of your bank and share them in messenger, combining the text with pictures and videos.
  • Useful information. The internet is full of news about bank frauds and fraudulent calls from pseudo bank officers. Clients need to know how to protect themselves, what to do and what to avoid. Share recommendations that help keeping one’s money away from scammers.
  • Deals and discounts. It's a rare man who would miss the chance to save money. Make attractive offers to try your premium products. If one is satisfied with the service, he or she will continue using it after the deal has expired.
  • Collection of bonus points. All banks have their loyalty programs. Viber messaging for a bank suits perfectly for monthly notifications on how many bonus points have been collected.

Devino Telecom offers you a turnkey Viber messaging for a bank. We make it simple for you!