Viber messaging for a car dealer

Marketing managers working in the car dealership ask themselves on a daily basis: which communication channel will do the best job in transmitting the maximum information to a client and increasing sales? The answer is simple - Viber messaging for a car dealer. Devino Telecom experts are convinced that this one-stop solution covers all business tasks: allows updating about novelties, products’ availability, openings of new showrooms. This helps the company attracting new clients and encourage them to make purchases.

When Viber messaging for a car dealer is needed

There are plenty of great occasions to set up Viber messaging for a car dealer:

  1. Growing product line of cars offered for sale. Example: “Hello Valery! We are happy to announce that a brand new Skoda Rapid Monte Carlo is available now in our showroom. Book your test-drive by phone 999-111 or via the website”.
  2. Delivery of ordered spare parts. “Hello Albina! Your ordered engine for Skoda Octavia has been delivered. You can pick it up at the address: 24 Lenina Ave., tel. 999-111”.
  3. A reminder to pass a technical inspection. Example: “Good afternoon Victor! We remind you that you have to pass a technical inspection till December 7. You can do this in our car service with a 15% discount. Book your time by phone 999-111 or on the website”.
  4. Promotions. Example: “Greetings Herman! 30% discount for services in our car service! Only till December 21 inclusive, hurry up to book your time by phone 999-111 or on the website”.
  5. An offer to extend car insurance which is to be expired soon. Example: “Zinaida, your CASCO insurance is about to expire on October 8. You can extend it in our car service at the address: 24 Lenina Ave., tel. 999-111”.
  6. Holiday greetings. Example: “Happy New Year Natalia! We give you a free suspension check. You can use this offer till January 15, book your time by phone 999-111 or on the website".

Note: media content (pictures and videos) makes your message more vivid and catchy. Mix your text with nice illustrations to spark the interest of your subscribers and encourage them to click the link to your website.

Reasons to order Viber messaging for a car dealer from Devino Telecom

Setting up Viber messaging on our platform brings the following benefits:

  • User-friendly interface of your personal account, where all messaging is set up. Our developers did their best to deliver the clearest set of features possible.
  • Non-cash payments and provision of reporting for accounting purposes.
  • Detailed statistics upon messaging. You will see how many messages have been delivered, how many have been opened. What’s more, we will show how many users clicked the links in the text.

If you need Viber messaging for car dealer’s clients, but you don’t know where to start, contact Devino Telecom experts for help.