Viber messaging for a delivery service

Devino Telecom experts are convinced: informing clients of a delivery service via Viber is one of the most promising ways of communication with clients. Firstly, the messenger is incredibly popular worldwide, and in Russia especially. Secondly, messages sent within official messaging do not end up in a spam folder but reach the majority of subscribers.

Benefits of Viber messaging for a courier deliver service

Messaging via the messenger offers a plenty of advantages:

  • Possibility to create informative messages, which include not only text but media content as well.
  • Instant send-out of thousands of messages. Information will reach your clients in just a few seconds.
  • Reference by name. If needed, you can make your messages extremely personalized. Statistics show that such messages are opened by users more often.
  • Use of a unique name. Official messaging means that all messages will be sent from a verified company’s profile, marked by a special check-mark. Messaging on behalf of a company leaves a positive impression on users and enjoys more trust.
  • Feedback in replies. If needed, you can ask a client to leave a feedback about the delivery service’s performance.
  • Low cost. Viber messaging for a delivery service does not cost much, while its efficiency ensures substantial increase in sales.
  • Easy to set up in the Devino Telecom personal account. The company’s developers have created a user-friendly platform to set up and launch messaging in Viber.
  • Detailed analytics. Thank to statistics provided by the messenger, marketing managers see the percentage of delivered and read messages.
  • Full legal compliance. Informing delivery service’s clients via Viber is subject to the law on advertisement.
  • A fully set up company’s account. Yet another pro of official messaging is an avatar, which could feature a company’s logo, name and a special button to redirect users to your website.
  • Complementing Viber messaging for a delivery service with a cascade of emails and SMS. If a client does not have the app installed, the system will send him or her an email or SMS automatically.

Which tasks Viber messaging for a courier deliver service solves

  • Boosting a company’s image, enhancing clients’ loyalty.
  • Informing on delivery time.
  • Notifying on time of a courier’s arrival.
  • Sharing up-to-date company’s news.
  • Collecting feedback on company’s performance.

A brand new Devino Telecom personal account opens up a wide range of possibilities to inform delivery service’s clients via Viber. You can select a user name appearing on all your messages, set the date and time for an automatic send-out, analyze its efficiency.

If you have any questions, Devino Telecom managers will be happy to answer them and help to set up messaging.