Viber messaging for a dentist clinic

Dentistry is one of the most profitable areas in health care, that’s why dentist clinics in big cities are flourishing. Finding themselves in such a situation, marketing managers get confused: how to stand out among competitors and earn patients’ trust? Devino Telecom experts recommend making active use of the entire range of marketing tools, in particular - Viber messaging for dentist clinic’s clients.

Benefits of Viber messaging for a dentist clinic

Messaging via the messenger offers a number of advantages:

  • Low cost. Compared to sending-out SMS, Viber messaging for a dentist clinic will save costs for you.
  • Detailed statistics upon messaging. You will see how many messages have been delivered and opened. Additionally, the system will show the number of clicks on the links.
  • A unique company’s name in the “Sender” line. A user will be receiving messages sent in the name of your clinic. This increases loyalty and trust.
  • Possibility to write a long message (up to 1000 characters), adding pictures and videos to it.
  • Easy to set up. The platform allows easily setting up messaging even for those who have never done this before.

Why informing dentist clinic’s clients in Viber is needed

Viber messaging for a dentist clinic is required to manage the following tasks:

  1. Service messages. Confirm a dentist’s appointment or any changes. Example: “Hello Miroslav! Dentist Lubov Ageeva is to attend to you on Sunday, November 24, at 12:30. Please inform us in case if you can’t make it. “Happy Smile” Clinic, 11 Sareeva str., tel. 131-331”.
  2. An offer to use a discount or get a promotion deal. Dental care is an expensive affair, so anyone would be happy to save money on it. Acknowledge this and send a message to catch the interest of patients. Example: “Good afternoon Veronica! A 20% discount on dental prosthetics for the whole of September! Hurry up to make an appointment by phone 131-331 or on the website, the offer is limited. “Happy Smile” Clinic”.
  3. Attraction of new clients by offering a free dental check-up. “Hello Angelina! An exclusive offer for you - get a free dental check-up by a dentist and personal dental care plan. More info by phone 131-331 or on the website, the offer is limited. “Happy Smile” Clinic”.
  4. Updating on clinic’s news. Keep your patients up-to-date if your clinic gets new equipment or opens a new location. Example: “Maxim, we are happy to announce that a new location of our clinic is open now at the address: 41 Arogina Ave. “Happy Smile” Clinic”.
  5. Holiday greetings. People enjoy receiving kind words, and it’s yet another occasion for a clinic to remind of itself. Example: “Tatsiana, Happy Birthday! We wish you happiness, good health, and more amazing discounts, just like we’ve got exclusively for you: this week you have an extraordinary 50% discount for dental care in our clinic. Make an appointment by phone 131-331 or on the website “Happy Smile” Clinic”.