Viber messaging for a taxi service

Marketing managers from taxi services are in constant search for ways how to make their company stand out among competitors and scale up their regular clients’ base. Some place their stake on high-class service and showcase luxury cars in their fleet, others are dumping the prices, while the rest are attempting at tailored strategies of communication with frequent taxi users.

Despite all efforts, the loyalty of clients remains at the same level, and many sooner or later switch to another taxi service. How to turn the tables and become number one for people? Devino Telecom experts recommend considering Viber messaging for taxi services as a powerful marketing tool.

Pros of Viber messaging for taxi’s clients

Sending messages in the messenger offers a number of benefits:

  • Low cost. If to compare the price of Viber messaging against SMS, Viber clearly wins.
  • High rate of delivered and opened messages. A huge number of people in Russia use Viber. Thank to the fact that it is installed on thousands of devices, the majority of messages are delivered.
  • Detailed statistics. The app provides a convenient report on the performance of messaging: how many users have received the message, how many have opened it, and how many have clicked the link.
  • Easy to set up. Devino Online personal account offers a service to set up Viber messaging that anyone can manage.
  • Instant send-out of messages to hundreds of users. Just within a few seconds a lot of people receive messages.
  • Possibility to send personalized messages. Address your client by name to catch their attention and convey that the message is meant to them personally.
  • A unique name. Users trust only messages that are sent from an official taxi service channel. “Shadowy messaging” from a personal number will be seen as suspicious or spam. Besides, the use of a unique name guarantees that your message won’t be blocked by a screen as would be the case for messages from an unknown number.
  • Nice design. Emojis, videos, and pictures - all these help making messages more informative and interesting. Do not overlook this while creating messages.
  • Maximum number of allowed characters per one message is 1000 (only 140 for SMS).


When do you need to set up Viber messaging for a taxi service?

  • Notification that a car has arrived. Do not forget to send details with a driver’s name, brand and car number.
  • Sending-out promo-codes and deals. People love discounts. Deals to get the tenth ride for free will for sure encourage one to call a taxi from your service more often.
  • Company’s news. New cars in your fleet or update of your app are great occasions for messaging.
  • Greetings with personal and state holidays. Your care won’t go unnoticed by people, if you send them congratulations with a birthday or New Year, adding a promo-code with a discount.