Viber messaging for a travel agency

For companies working in tourism, it is extremely important to always stay in touch with clients. Viber messaging for travel agencies solves this task and allows establishing personal communication via one of the most popular messengers in the world.

Benefits of Viber messaging for a travel agency

  • Possibility to create a long informative message (up to 1000 characters), complemented with nice pictures or videos. It is well-known that people do not buy tours, they buy experiences. Aid their imagination in invoking their dream travel.
  • Detailed statistics upon messaging. By analyzing information on how much interest your message had caused in users, you can correct your mistakes and boost the efficiency of messaging.
  • Cost efficiency. Sending messages in the messenger costs way less than using other communication channels.
  • Instant delivery. If one has Viber installed, he or she will receive a message in just a few seconds after messaging has been launched.
  • Easy to set up. Devino Telecom personal account makes it intuitive to set up messaging even for those who have never done this before.
  • Automatized system. Messages will be sent on the scheduled day and time, you don’t have to launch it manually, although such feature is also available if you need a quick start.
  • Reference by name. One will see that you are addressing him or her personally, and will surely open the message.
  • A unique channel’s name. Using a special name or short number strengthens confidence in users.

Occasions to inform travel agency’s clients via Viber

Messaging is recommended in the following cases:

  • Sales of last-minute travel deals. Many travelers are looking for last-minute tours because their price usually goes down. Example: “Good afternoon Ulyana! Exclusively for you a tour to Cuba for 12 nights for 80.000 RUB for two. 4-star hotel all-inclusive. Hurry up, only 4 tours left! Your Trip Travel Agency, tel. 333-333,".
  • Ads for seasonal tours. Use Viber to offer sea tours in summer and ski resorts in winter. Example: “Hello Valentina! December is coming, it’s time to plan your next holidays. A tour to the Austrian Alps for 7 nights for 75.000 RUB for two is an excellent way to relax and enjoy some activities. Your Trip Travel Agency, tel. 333-333,".
  • Important information on changes of flights. Charter flights are often rescheduled, for this reason, it is important to notify a traveler in time. Example: “Alexander, please note that the flight F54dD6 Moscow - Kemer has been rescheduled to 13:25. Have a good flight! Your Trip Travel Agency, tel. 333-333,".
  • Support with documents. In case if a visa is needed for a tour, managers could ask missing documents in Viber - a bank statement or a proof of employment. Example: “Anatoly, hello! To apply for a Schengen visa we need a proof of employment from you (in any format). It should be submitted before September 22. Thank you! Your Trip Travel Agency, tel. 333-333,".

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