Viber messaging for an airline

It is no secret, that Viber is one of the most popular messengers. According to statistics, it is installed on smartphones of almost one billion people. This explains, why Viber messaging for airline’s customers gains in popularity as a marketing tool day by day.

Advantages of Viber messaging for an airline

Experts stress out several pros, which distinguish the use of messengers among other channels of communication:

  • Rate of messages read. Out of 100 sent messages at least 90 are being open and read.
  • Address by name. Personalization enhances the loyalty of customers.
  • High conversion. Text accompanied by pictures or videos stirs a user’s interest.
  • Statistics. Viber allows quickly analyzing the efficiency of messaging by counting a number of delivered messages, as well as all clicks.

When Viber messaging for airline’s passengers is needed

Devino Telecom experts recommend to set up messaging in the following cases:

  • Messages on big discounts and great deals. A messenger serves perfectly for these purposes, since a message is delivered instantly, and it contains essential information. Example: “Discount on flights to Europe, only for 3 days! Book now, fly to Paris, Prague, and Madrid from March 31 till December 31”.
  • Information messages with links to booking tickets. Using Viber messaging you can share an interesting fact about a certain country, and then provide a link to tickets there. By doing so you will kill two birds with one stone: remind of yourself and encourage one to book tickets. Example: “Did you know, that there are penguins living in southern Argentina? See them for yourself flying with Triumph Airline. Book your Buenos Aires tickets here:».
  • Service messages. Possibilities opened up by Viber allow sending messages confirming the booking of tickets or notifying flight changes. Of the same kind are messages on the start of online check-in. Example: “Check-in on flight X54ER Warsaw-Moscow is open now. Please note that it will close 3 hours before departure.”
  • Holiday greetings. This is yet another universal occasion to remind of yourself and make one’s day. Be generous with kind words and send congratulations to your customers on their Birthday, International Women’s Day, New Year. Example: “Valentina, Happy Birthday! We wish you happiness, good health, and new experiences! Travel with us! Triumph Airline”.

Specific features of Viber messaging for an airline

The crucial difference from sending SMS and emailing is that our client pays only for delivered messages. If there is no messenger installed on a user’s smartphone, and the message has not been delivered, such message is not charged.