Viber messaging for an info-business

In today’s world, the winner is the one who has information, that’s why various business trainings, webinars, and master-classes are extremely popular. However, even the very best couch is unlikely to make a sold-out with no advertisement. A question arises: how to launch an ad campaign that will engage people and not vice versa? Devino Telecom experts are calling your attention to informing your customers on trainings and courses via Viber.

When Viber messaging for an info-business is needed

  • Sales to new customers. Invite people, who have not yet been at your events, but left their contact details for messaging. To encourage them to make a purchase, offer a special discount to those who are about to come for the first time.
  • Promotions. Deals such as “Bring a friend - get a discount” or “Free entrance to VIP-networking zone for the first ten participants” demonstrate great performance. Do not overlook them when setting up Viber messaging for an info-business.
  • Management of regular customers. Do not forget about the “hottest” part of your audience - people who trust you and frequent your events.
  • An announcement of a master-class or training. Share your plans with your subscribers and do not fail to add text with infographics, pictures or video.
  • A reminder of an upcoming event. The rhythm of the big city makes it hard to remember everything, so a message with the date and time of a seminar is a great occasion for messaging.
  • Offers of additional products. If you provide trainings or master-classes of potential interest to the audience, do not fail to share them via Viber messaging for an info-business.
  • Greetings with state and personal holidays. People enjoy hearing kind words, so make them feel good by sending a message on the occasion of birthday or New Year.

Examples of informing customers on trainings and courses via Viber

  • Sales message: “Karolina, greetings! On November 29 a three-days course “Conquest. Seduction. Ecstasy” starts. The course which already changed lives of thousands of women. Only for new clients - 10% discount under the promo-code “I am the most charming and attractive”. Register by phone 237-7777 or on the web-site”.
  • Promotion: “Galina, get 20% discount till the end of the month for all trainings for women. Your time has come, unleash your inner lion! Call us on 237-7777 or register via the form on the web-site And let the world be at your feet!”
  • Message to a regular customer: “Dear Bogdan! We invite you to a training “Company Leader - Start Your Way Now”. You will gain personnel management skills and learn how to find an optimal way to progress. Take the first step by registering for the training by phone 732-2222 or on our web-site”.
  • Announcement: “Vitaly, check out our special training to be held on May 01 in our center: “Parsimony - a Way to Poverty, Generosity - a Way to Success”. Register now by phone 732-2222 or on our web-site, a number of participants is limited”.
  • Reminder: “Anton, a training “To be or not to be” is coming up tomorrow at 19:30. We will be happy to see you at the address: 11 Gevorkyana str.”
  • Additional products: “Valentina, you attended our master-class “100 Secrets of a Housewife”. We hope you enjoyed it, and we invite you to a seminar “Pies that Blow Your Mind”. Register by phone 237-7777 or on our web-site”.
  • Greetings: “Petr, Happy Birthday! Start a new year of your life with a training “Transform your Consciousness - Transform the World around You!” Get a personal 30% discount if you book within 3 days from receiving this message”.