Viber messaging for an insurance company

Viber messaging for insurance companies is a handy and low-cost way to keep in touch with clients. Compared to other marketing tools messaging in the messenger costs little but delivers high performance thank to the engagement of users.

When Viber messaging for insurance company’s clients is needed

Devino Telecom experts list occasions suitable for messaging:

  1. Different steps to settle an insurance claim.
  2. A positive decision on compensation.
  3. Extension of insurance.
  4. Reminder to make a due payment.
  5. Information on discounts and deals.
  6. Notification on new services, opening of branches and other company’s news.
  7. Notification on transfers of money to a client’s account.
  8. Reminder about the expertise date.
  9. Survey or invitation to leave a feedback on company’s performance.
  10. Appreciation for trusting and choosing your company.
  11. Insurance-related news digest.
  12. Greetings with personal and state holidays.

Viber messaging for an insurance company is not limited to these occasions, it is up to your creativity.

Specific features of Viber messaging for insurance companies

Note some specific features of using the messenger:

  • A huge number of Russian users communicate via Viber, that’s why the rate of delivered messages is impressive.
  • Audience surveys have shown that the most active messenger’s users are men and women under 35. That is, young and financially well off people.
  • Viber allows sending messages up to 1000 characters (while SMS - only up to 140), which could be designed in a nice way using emojis, good colorful pictures and useful videos at that.
  • Upon messaging the messenger provides detailed statistics which show how many messages have been opened, and how many users have clicked the links.
  • You can complement Viber messaging with a cascade of emails and SMS. If one does not have the messenger installed, he or she will be sent an email followed by SMS. Such an approach significantly increases the chances that the message will be delivered via at least one communication channel.
  • Before launching Viber messaging for insurance company’s clients, Devino Telecom experts recommend drafting a content plan. This will help to avoid an unpleasant situation when a client receives too many messages and starts thinking of them as of spam. Regular not over the top frequent messaging with useful information is a key to success among the audience.
  • If you are setting up official messaging through Devino Telecom, your company will get a unique name which will be displayed in the “Sender” line for users. Such messages are considered much more trustworthy.

Need Viber messaging for an insurance company, but don’t know where to start? Call us, we will be happy to help!