Viber messaging for an online store

An online store is a nearly no-lose business form: you don’t have to rent premises (for current operations to be fully functioning it is enough to have a spacious warehouse), a customer makes an order without getting off the couch, and end price of a product is way lower thank to saving costs on renting retail space. No wonder that more and more companies go fully online. A logical question arises: how to stand out from competitors and gain the loyalty of buyers? Devino Telecom experts offer a solution - communication and informing online store’s customers via Viber.

Occasions for messaging to online store’s customers via Viber

Viber messaging accomplishes a number of key tasks:

  • Order confirmation, details of delivery time.
  • Reminder that products are still in the basket, and the order has not been made.
  • Promotions, discount coupons.
  • Invitation to leave a review on a product ordered.
  • Messaging to “sleeping” customers. If during the last visit to your web-site one has checked laptops, he or she will be interested in a “New Items” from a “Computers and Laptops” section.
  • Holiday greetings.

Benefits of working with Devino Telecom

We offer:

  1. User-friendly personal account with an easy-to-understand set of features.
  2. Attractive price on Viber messaging for an online store and unique name included in the price.
  3. Non-cash payments and provision of documents for reporting.
  4. Possibility to set up messaging regardless of customers’ base size.
  5. Statistics for sent messages: how many messages have been delivered, how many have been read. Additionally it is possible to track how many users have clicked on links.
  6. Free-of-charge consultation with Devino Telecom experts to create the most efficient Viber messaging for an online store.

What you need to know about Viber messaging

Messaging on behalf of a company via messengers is subject to the advertisement law applicable in Russia. The only requirement is that the content has to comply with applicable laws, and all subscribers have to give their consent to receive messages.

One message could contain up to 1000 characters, as well as pictures and videos. What is more, it is allowed to use links leading to a company’s web-site.

From time to time Devino Telecom teams is being asked, why to launch official messaging if you could just simply send messages. The answer is obvious: in case of unofficial messaging you cannot choose a user name (a subscriber sees a personal phone number), profile picture, links in the message are not clickable, and the user sees a spam-blocking screen.

Official messaging features a unique name of the company, clickable links, verification, no spam-blocking screen. Besides, the company gets to know detailed statistics following messaging.

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