Viber messaging for guest houses and hotels

While booking a hotel, guests always hope for polite staff and good service, which consists of being at guests’ disposal in any kinds of issues: check-in and check-out time, help to organize a transfer, provide an additional bed upon request. Keeping in touch with your guests before, during and after their stay is also a mandatory part of a high-class service. The best way to stay connected, continuously informing your guests about important news and events is Viber messaging for hotel’s guests.

Benefits of informing guest house’s guests via Viber

Devino Telecom experts highlight advantages of Viber messaging for a guest house:

  • Messaging is easy to set up, hence start working with the platform is easy even for those who have never done this before.
  • Compared to other marketing tools Viber messaging for a hotel is not pricy.
  • Messages are delivered to at least 80% of users since Viber is officially recognized as one of the most popular messengers in the world.
  • Hundreds of messages are sent in less than a few seconds.
  • Thank to a wide range of features provided by the messenger, you can create a long text (up to 1000 characters), accompanied by nice pictures and videos.


Messaging via the messenger helps to address the following tasks:

  1. Confirmation of a successful booking. One wants to be sure that he or she will be welcomed upon arrival. Send a message in Viber with the date and time of check-in, and don’t forget to include the address and directions.
  2. A reminder about the upcoming check-in date. Do not fail to contact those guests whose arrival is expected soon. It might be that they decided to stay in another hotel or cancel their travel, but forgot to cancel their booking. A timely reminder will help to avoid confusion and awkward situations. Specify the dates of stay, room type and full price of booking.
  3. Messages with deals and promotions. Offer a room for an attractive price if booked in advance. Many travelers are checking such messages with interest, because it helps to save good money and reduce travel costs.
  4. Invitation to leave a review. It’s no secret that while choosing a hotel, people are relying on the experiences of other travelers. Ask your guests to rate their stay in your hotel and share their opinion on how they liked breakfast, room service and communication with staff. This will not only boost ratings in social networks and respective platforms but will help to improve your service as well.
  5. Send your guests holiday greetings. In this way, you will make their day and remind of yourself.
  6. Make special offers to your frequent guests. They will appreciate the status of welcomed guests who are staying in the hotel under special conditions.

Viber messaging for a hotel with Devino Telecom is simple, fast and efficient!