Devino Telecom Supports Russian Marketing Week

A multi-industry forum will combine best presentations related to marketing management, PR and Digital.

Even more attention will be paid to marketing in various sectors:

  • wholesale and retail trade;
  • financial and insurance services;
  • real estate and construction;
  • telecommunications;
  • tourism and recreation;
  • beauty-business.

One of the key values of the forum will be its participants who are the ones that will determine its significance and status. The event will bring together companies from all sectors of economy including representatives of the TOP-100 Russian companies, small and medium business.

  • 1,500 participants
  • 350 media-partners
  • 60 topical reports on all spheres of marketing
  • 3 discussions

Prime Time Forums Company, the forum organizer and conference market leader in Russia and CIS, is holding a fourth annual forum which has become a market-forming event and a major education and communication platform for marketing.