Devino Telecom Team on Web Summit 2018

Web Summit is one of the main technological events in Europe, which for the tenth time gather together entrepreneurs, investors, IT experts, developers, designers, marketers and journalists who come to the summit to listen about new trends, technological innovations and changes in the world of information technology.

Annually, speakers from great international companies present their opinion and expertise - IBM, Google, Apple, Amazon, SAP, P & G, Samsung Electronics, IKEA, and Volkswagen. This year their number reached more than 1200.

It should be mentioned such giants as Brad Smith, President of Microsoft Corporation, Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Great Britain from 1997 to 2007, Gillian Tans, Executive Director of, Adrian Cockroft, Vice President of Cloud Architecture of Amazon, Greg Peters, Netflix Product Development Manager, Michelle Pelluso, IBM Vice President, and Ben Gortzel, Principal Scientist, Hanson Robotics / Founder and Chief Executive Officer, SingularityNET and Robot Sophia.

This year everyone was talking about artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, augmented virtual reality and much more. Most of the start-up projects and other companies coming to the Web Summit are aimed at finding investors and clients. Also, many companies come to build partnerships with high-tech companies. The goal of our company’s participation was to find new solutions and partners.

They say that you can even come to the Web Summit with a simple description of the idea, but the atmosphere of the event is such that words alone do not attract attention. That is why we created a stand that attracted attention from the very entrance to the pavilion. Due to the location of our stand, it was seen and appreciated by more than 70,000 people who passed through 4 pavilions of the Altice Arena.